Alicia Allain Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

alicia allain net worth

Alicia Allain Net Worth

$1 million

alicia allain net worth

Alicia Allain’s Net Worth

Alicia Allain Net Worth $1 million, as indicated by various reports. This financial success is likely attributed to her accomplishments in acting and filmmaking, along with her ownership of Maven Entertainment, an entertainment company. Her diverse involvement in the entertainment industry and strategic business ventures has contributed to her overall financial well-being.

Quick Facts 

NameAlicia Allain
Date Of Birth14th July 1969
Birth PlaceSouth Louisiana
Parents NameMichael Allain (Father)Linda Marino Allain (Mother)
Spouse NameJohn Schneider
Famous ForActress and Filmmaker
ChildrenJessica Ann Dollard
Height5′ (1.52 m)
Net Worth$1 Million
Cause Of DeathBreast Cancer

Alicia Allain Biography

Alicia Allain, a renowned actress and filmmaker, made headlines not only for her contributions to the film industry but also for the unfortunate loss of her appeal to regain British citizenship. Born on July 14, 1969, she tragically passed away on February 21, 2023, succumbing to breast cancer. Alicia embarked on her career in the film industry initially as a hair stylist.

Her fame soared after entering the film industry, gaining recognition for her roles in various movies. Marrying John Schneider propelled her into sudden celebrity status. Notably, Alicia was the proud owner of the popular entertainment company, Maven Entertainment.

She left a lasting impact with performances in films like “Caged Fear” (1991), “The Badge” (2002), and “Leather Jackets” (1991). Her final days were spent in Holden, Louisiana, USA, where she departed on February 21. In the recent days leading up to her passing, John Schneider focused on his movies, including “To Die For.”

Alicia Allain, the third wife of the star known for “Dukes of Hazzard,” John Schneider, was not only his life partner but also previously served as his manager at John Schneider Studios in Holden. Her untimely demise occurred at the age of 53, leaving behind a legacy in the world of entertainment.

Alicia Allain Family

Alicia Allain Family

On the 14th of July 1969, in South Louisiana, Father Michael Allain and Mother Linda Marino Allain welcomed a beautiful girl named Alicia Allain into the world. From her early years, Alicia exhibited a keen interest in pursuing a career in acting, eventually becoming a well-known actress in her youth. Brandy Michael Allain served as Alicia Allain’s elder brother.

Alicia’s friendship with John Schneider blossomed from their first meeting in 2015, leading to her involvement in John’s film productions. Over time, their friendship evolved into a beautiful love relationship. However, during that period, the couple kept their romantic involvement private, occasionally sharing glimpses on their social media. In 2019, John Schneider publicly declared Alicia Allain as his wife on social media, and on the 29th of September 2019, the couple publicly tied the knot. Although the exact wedding date was not disclosed publicly.

Prior to Alicia Allain, John Schneider had two wives: Tawny Little from 1983 to 1986 and Elly Castle from 1993 to 2019. After divorces, he entered into matrimony with Alicia Allain from 2019 until her unfortunate passing.

According to information on social media, Alicia Allain had a daughter named Jessica Ann Dollard. Jessica was born to Alicia Allain and her ex-husband John Patrick Dollard, whom Alicia wed in 1994 and divorced in 1999. Jessica Ann Dollard maintains a low profile, following in her mother’s footsteps by keeping her personal life private. Observing their close relationship, it’s evident that Jessica held a significant place in her mother’s life. Undoubtedly, her mother’s passing posed a challenging situation for Jessica after having shared a close bond with Alicia throughout her life.

Transitioning Into A Celebrity Wife 

Transitioning into a Celebrity Wife 

In July 2019, Alicia Allain and John Schneider decided to make their off-duty relationship official, taking a significant step in their romantic journey. The couple exchanged vows in an intimate barn ceremony held at Schneider’s studios in Holden, Louisiana, creating a warm and personal atmosphere for their celebration of love.

However, it’s important to note that, at that point, Schneider, aged 59, was still entangled in a lengthy divorce proceeding with his second wife, Elvira. The divorce had been an ongoing process for nearly five years, and its finalization was pending. The legal complexities didn’t deter Schneider and Allain from expressing their commitment to each other.

Despite facing hurdles, including a court ruling in September 2016 and a subsequent default, Schneider found himself obligated to pay over $150,000 in unpaid alimony to Elly. This situation led to Schneider spending three days in county jail in Los Angeles for the default, along with an additional sentence of 120 hours for contempt, linked to allegations of attempting to conceal his earnings from his second wife.

Despite these legal challenges, Schneider was determined to solidify his commitment to Allain. He promised that once his divorce proceedings were resolved, he would make the marriage legal. Alicia described their pseudo-wedding as a “wonderful celebration” and a “sanctuary of love,” emphasizing the joy and significance of the moment.

Schneider expressed his happiness, noting that the term “happy” felt too small to encapsulate the depth of his emotions. The celebration itself was modest and informal, with Allain donning a white sleeveless dress and Schneider opting for a tan suit and gold tie. After exchanging vows, the couple continued the festivities outdoors with fireworks, food, and drinks, marking the beginning of their married life together.

NameAlicia Allain
Husband NameJohn Schneider
Ex-Husband NameJohn Patrick Dollard
ChildrenJessica Ann Dollard
Wedding Date29th September 2019

Professional Career

Professional Career

Alicia Allain’s journey to becoming an actress was fueled by a steadfast determination to pursue her passion, which had taken root in her early years. Her commitment to the craft, coupled with persistent effort, laid the foundation for her future achievements during the initial stages of her career.

The turning point came when Allain joined forces with the legendary John Schneider. This collaboration marked a breakthrough, solidifying her name in the industry. Through producing multiple critically acclaimed films for Schneider, Allain carved her niche and gained recognition for her contributions.

Maven Entertainment emerged as Allain’s bold venture into establishing her own production company. This move not only strengthened her position in the industry but also granted her greater influence over her creative initiatives. Maven Entertainment became a platform through which Allain could shape and execute her vision.

As a producer, Allain boasts a remarkable track record of accomplishments. Her work not only achieved financial success but also earned critical acclaim and garnered respect from her peers in the business. Through her resilience and creative prowess, Alicia Allain has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Ventures In Entrepreneurship

Alicia Allain’s triumph extends beyond the glitz of show business, delving into the realm of entrepreneurship where she has excelled as a businesswoman. Her notable achievements highlight a strategic approach to investment, showcasing her prowess in navigating various industries. Allain’s financial success is anchored in a well-diversified portfolio, a testament to her astute resource allocation that has significantly contributed to her substantial wealth. Her foray into multiple business ventures not only underscores her influence in the entertainment industry but also illuminates her keen business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.

Venturing Into Property Investments

Beyond her endeavors in the entertainment industry and varied business investments, Alicia Allain has strategically delved into real estate. Her discerning eye for valuable properties has proven to be a lucrative venture, as the value of her real estate holdings has seen substantial appreciation over time. Allain’s real estate portfolio is not confined to a singular property; instead, it spans across multiple holdings, exemplifying her savvy approach to wealth management and the astute decisions she has made in the realm of property investments.

Alicia Allain Schneider Cause Of Death

Alicia Allain Schneider Cause Of Death

On February 21, 2022, Tuesday, there were glimpses and unconfirmed reports about Alicia Allain’s death, suggesting a prolonged battle with breast cancer. The following day, on February 22, her husband, John Schneider, publicly confirmed her passing through a heartfelt Facebook post. Following this announcement, the family began planning the final funeral arrangements.

Alicia Allain, who battled cancer for an extended period, ultimately passed away in Holden, Louisiana. Her demise left her daughter, Jessica Ann Dollard, and husband, John Schneider, grappling with emotional breakdowns. This encapsulates the poignant biography of the renowned American actress and producer, Alicia Allain.

Philanthropic Efforts

Beyond her remarkable accomplishments in business and entertainment, Allain has left a lasting imprint through her philanthropic pursuits. While these charitable endeavors may not directly augment her net worth, they hold immense value in elevating her standing and impact. Allain’s philanthropic commitment not only underscores her resolve to bring about positive change but also adds to her overall influence. This, in turn, may pave the way for new possibilities and collaborations, showcasing the multifaceted nature of her contributions to society.

Future Projects

As Allain gazes toward the future, it holds the promise of exciting ventures with several projects already in the works. The potential success of these upcoming endeavors could significantly enhance her net worth in the years ahead. Building on her history of triumphs and diversified investments across industries, these projects represent strategic steps that may reinforce Allain’s financial position and contribute to her ongoing success in the realms of business and entertainment.


In summary, Alicia Allain’s journey stands as a testament to remarkable achievements that extend beyond the boundaries of entertainment and business. Her narrative unfolds through shrewd investments, entrepreneurial pursuits, and meaningful contributions to various industries. Beyond her professional triumphs, Alicia’s unwavering dedication to family, philanthropy, and resilience in the face of health challenges paints a vivid portrait of her enduring spirit. Navigating diverse ventures and charitable initiatives, Alicia Allain’s legacy shapes an inspirational story of resilience, success, and the enduring ability to make a positive impact on the world.

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