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Atila Altaunbay, born in 1976 and currently 47 years old, gained recognition through his marriage to the renowned actor, dancer, singer, and model, Grace Jones. While details about his childhood are scarce, it is known that he was born in Turkey to a Muslim family and spent his early years in Belgium.

Despite not achieving fame through personal talents, Atila became a public figure due to his union with Grace Jones, a prominent name in the entertainment industry. Grace Jones, born on May 14, 1948, in Spain, boasts a successful career as a model, singer, and actress, even winning an Idol Award in 2008.

Atila’s educational background includes training in CPR and AED in his hometown in Turkey, aligning with his aspiration to become a professional bodyguard. While his personal achievements may not be widely known, his connection to the entertainment world through marriage has kept him in the public eye.

Quick Facts Of Atila Altaunbay

Value Attribute
Full NameAtila Altaunbay
Nick NameAtila
Age 47
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseGrace Jones
ChildrenPaulo Goude (Stepson)
Grand ChildrenAthena Goude
ProfessionActor, Model, Singer, and Bodyguard
Eye ColourDark Brown

Atila Altaunbay Biography

Atila Altaunbay Biography

Atila Altaunbay, born in 1976 in Turkey and raised in Belgium within a Muslim family, possesses a diverse skill set that includes CPR training and singing lessons. In addition to these talents, he has undergone training as a professional bodyguard, demonstrating his dedication to the field of security services.

Atila’s journey into the public eye commenced with his marriage to the renowned entertainer, Grace Jones. They first crossed paths in Belgium, where Atila eventually assumed the role of Grace’s bodyguard. This connection not only brought attention to Atila but also highlighted his unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of such a prominent figure.

While Atila’s personal achievements may not be widely publicized, his array of skills and significant role in the life of a celebrated personality have contributed to his recognition in the public sphere.

Atila Altaunbay’s Career

Atila Altaunbay’s Career

Atila Altaunbay’s journey began in Belgium, where he started as a pizza delivery boy. During this period, he underwent training to pursue his dream of becoming a professional bodyguard. It was during this time that he assumed the role of Grace Jones’ bodyguard.

Despite playing numerous impressive roles in straight dramas, Atila struggled to attain fame until a breakthrough moment when he played a significant role in a movie.

His romantic involvement with Grace Jones added a unique dimension to his life. Although their relationship had its duration, it played a pivotal role in Atila’s professional journey. Being connected with Grace opened doors for him, providing opportunities to explore modeling and make appearances in films.

Atila’s narrative unfolds from his humble beginnings as a pizza delivery boy to his evolution into a figure with diverse roles in the entertainment industry, accentuated by his association with Grace Jones.

Atila Altaunbay & Grace Jones Relationship

Atila Altaunbay and Grace Jones grew closer due to their frequent interactions within Atila’s family business. They initiated a romantic relationship promptly, although they kept their affection private. Within a few months, Grace took the initiative and proposed to Atila, leading to their marriage on February 24, 1996.

Their wedding, attended by only 50 people, took place in a private residence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, officiated by the Presbyterian Ministry. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds embarked on a honeymoon in New York. Despite their marital union, Atila faced familial disapproval, rooted in traditional beliefs that marriages should occur in age order.

Disregarding familial objections, Atila and Grace chose to prioritize their relationship, fleeing to Brazil. Upon their return to Syracuse, Grace’s father organized another wedding ceremony for them. However, despite the challenges they faced, Grace and Atila’s marriage concluded in 2004 after seven years.

Atila Altaunbay’s Wife

Atila Altaunbay’s Wife

Grace Jones, born on May 19, 1948, in Spanish Town, Jamaica, is the daughter of Robert W. Jones and Marjorie. At the age of twelve, Grace, along with her parents and four siblings, relocated to New York. Her versatile professional journey encompasses roles in writing, modeling, acting, dancing, and singing.

In the late 1970s to 1984, Grace Jones was in a relationship with Jean-Paul Goude. Following this, she began dating Chris Stanley, a music producer, sparking rumors of marriage. In 2015, Grace refuted these claims, clarifying that their relationship was brief. In 1996, Grace initiated a relationship with Atila Altaunbay, eventually leading to their marriage.

Paulo Goude (Stepson)

Grace Jones and Atila Altaunbay did not have children together. Grace’s only child, Paulo Goude, is from her previous relationship with Jean-Paul Goude, a French director, photographer, and designer, with whom she shared a seven-year relationship.

Born on November 12, 1979, Paulo spent his childhood in New York and Paris, spoke both English and French, and later attended high school in the United Kingdom. He developed a passion for music. Before meeting Grace, Atila Altaunbay worked as a pizza delivery boy in Belgium and engaged in singing, performing at weddings. Atila, who was also involved in theater acting with various roles in plays, had his first notable film, “Mind Games.”

In addition to his diverse interests, Atila showed an interest in modeling. Following their initial meeting, Atila took on the role of Grace Jones’ bodyguard. However, information about Atila’s current activities or whereabouts after the couple’s divorce is not publicly available.

Love Triumphs Amidst Adversity

Atila Altaunbay faced significant personal challenges, particularly in the realm of cultural norms. His choice to marry Grace Jones went against the traditional expectations ingrained in his culture. According to these norms, as the youngest son, he was supposed to wait for his elder sibling to marry before considering his own marriage. Marrying out of order was perceived as a violation of cultural conventions.

This decision to defy established cultural boundaries took a toll on Atila’s family relationships, leading to a fracture in familial ties. The clash between cultural expectations regarding birth order and marriage created a complex backdrop for the difficulties and conflicts that Atila Altaunbay navigated during this phase of his life.

A Rededicated Promise Amidst Strained Ties

Their secret marriage in Brazil took an unexpected turn when it became public, leading to a hastily arranged ceremony. However, a revelation about the legitimacy of their officiating priest raised questions about the validity of their union. In response to this challenge, Grace Jones and Atila Altaunbay decided to reaffirm their commitment through a heartfelt ceremony. This special event occurred in their family home in Syracuse and was officiated by Jones’ father. It served as a poignant symbol of their renewed dedication to each other, navigating the complexities that had arisen following their initial marriage.

Net Worth

Atila Altaunbay accumulated a substantial income exceeding $800,000 during his tenure as Grace Jones’s bodyguard. While efforts are underway to gather information on his additional earnings from various sources, it’s noteworthy to explore the net worth of those involved:

  • Grace Jones’s net worth stands impressively at over $7 million.
  • Paulo Goude, the son of Grace Jones and Jean-Paul Goude, has a net worth estimated to be around $1.4 million.
Atila Altaunbay$ 800k 
Grace jones$ 7 Million
Paulo Goude Paulo Goude (son)$ 1.4 Million

Some Facts About Atila

  • Atila is a 47-year-old Turkish Muslim. He was born in 1976.
  • In 2004, Grace and Atila married together in Brazil. This marriage consisted of only 50 special people.
  • Atila was the personal bodyguard of Grace before their marriage.
  • Atila plays a role in some movies because of Grace Jones.

People Also Ask 

Q. What is Atila Altaunbay’s age and background?

Atila Altaunbay, currently 47 years old, was born in 1976 in Turkey. His early years were spent in Belgium within a Muslim family.

Q. How did Atila gain recognition?

Atila gained recognition primarily through his marriage to the esteemed entertainer, Grace Jones. Despite not attaining fame through personal talents, his association with Jones brought him into the public eye.

Q. What is Grace Jones’s net worth?

Grace Jones boasts a net worth exceeding $7 million.

Q. Did Atila and Grace have children together?

No, Atila and Grace Jones did not have children together. Grace’s only child, Paulo Goude, is from her previous relationship.

Q. What challenges did Atila face in his personal life?

Atila encountered challenges related to cultural norms, particularly in defying expectations concerning birth order and marriage within his culture. These challenges led to a fracture in familial ties.


In essence, Atila Altaunbay’s life journey intricately weaves through the chapters of his marriage to Grace Jones, a versatile entertainer. Their enduring relationship, despite facing challenges and cultural conflicts, unfolds with a secret Brazilian marriage and a touching reaffirmation ceremony. Atila’s dual role as a bodyguard and participant in the entertainment industry adds depth to his narrative. The article also explores the financial aspects, shedding light on Atila’s earnings as Grace’s bodyguard and the net worth of those involved. The story captures the essence of love, hurdles, and the convergence of individual paths in the realm of fame and cultural expectations.

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