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Where Is Candy Montgomery Now? Everything You Need To Know

On Friday, June 13, 1980, Candy Montgomery, known for her devout and do-gooding nature, caused a major uproar in her Dallas community. She was arrested for brutally killing her friend, Betty Gore, with 41 blows from an ax. During the trial, Candy argued that she acted in self-defense. What added to the scandal was that this defense proved successful, leading to Candy’s acquittal. Over 40 years later, this case has returned to cinema, but not in a true-crime documentary.

This horrifying story was destined for a serialized drama during the height of true-crime fever. Hulu led 2022 with “Candy,” a five-episode limited series starring Jessica Biel. Following suit, Max released the true-crime miniseries “Love & Death” in April, with Elizabeth Olsen in the central role. Audiences got their first glimpse of the new show in a teaser shared on Aug. 21, 2022, showcasing Olsen as the discontented housewife at the heart of a real-world murder case. The final trailer dropped on March 23.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars play Candy. Who was Candy, and why did she do such a horrific act? Candy, the murder case, and her post-trial fate are detailed below.

Who Was Candy Montgomery?

Candy appeared to be the least likely suspect in a murder case that occurred on Friday the 13th. She was well-liked within her Texan community, attended church regularly, and known as a devoted wife to Pat Montgomery and a caring mother to their two children. However, beneath this facade, Candy held some hidden truths. Through the church, she crossed paths with her eventual victim, Betty, and Betty’s husband, Allan Gore. Over time, Candy and Allan engaged in an affair, eventually leading Allan to disclose the details of their relationship to the authorities.

Seven months after Allan decided to end the affair with Candy, a gruesome discovery was made on June 13, 1980. Betty was found brutally murdered in her home, the weapon being a three-foot-long ax. A report from The Dallas Morning News stated that fingerprints and footprints found at the scene pointed to Candy’s involvement. Several weeks following the tragic event, Candy was taken into custody and charged with Betty’s murder.

What Take Placed in Candy Montgomery’s Legal Case?

Candy was suspected of murdering out of envy. However, the trial took an unexpected turn. Candy’s lawyers told The Dallas Morning News that she killed Betty in self-defense.

Reportedly, Allan was away on a business trip at the time. Candy went to Betty’s house and offered to take their daughter to her swimming lesson. It was during this visit that Betty confronted Candy about the affair and allegedly attacked her with an ax. Candy managed to gain control of the weapon and used it against Betty. In the ensuing struggle, Candy repeatedly struck Betty with the ax, resulting in a total of 41 wounds. Following a relatively brief deliberation, Candy was acquitted shortly before Halloween in 1980.

Where is Candy Montgomery now?

It appears that Candy managed to find a sense of normalcy in her life. She and Pat chose to remain together even after the trial, eventually relocating from Texas to avoid the ongoing attention. However, there are some reports suggesting that they later went through a divorce. According to People, Candy is currently residing in Georgia, where she pursues a career as a mental health counselor.

Is Candy still married to Pat?

No, Candy is no longer married to Pat Montgomery. After the trial, they moved to Georgia together, but their marriage didn’t last, and they eventually divorced.

Troubles were already apparent in their relationship due to Candy’s involvement with Allan Gore. According to a profile in Texas Monthly, Pat had long work hours and was frequently away, while Candy grew increasingly dissatisfied with her life. This led to more frequent arguments between them. As described by profilers Jim Atkinson and John Bloom, “His insensitivity infuriated her and led to harsh words. To Pat they were arguments over nothing, but to her they represented everything wrong with their marriage”.

Following the end of Candy’s affair, she and Pat sought marriage counseling. During this time, the tragic event involving Betty took place, and Pat stood by Candy’s side throughout the trial. The case profile noted that “Pat was heartened by the way everyone stood by them, no matter what new evidence was leaked to the press”. However, the couple ultimately divorced shortly after their move to Georgia.

Where are the kids of Candy Montgomery now days?

Very little information is available regarding the current whereabouts of Candy Montgomery’s children, believed to be named Jennifer and Ian. Their current place of residence remains unknown.

Court records did not mention the children, making it difficult to find them. Over the years, Candy’s life has been dramatised under several identities. In “Love & Death,” they are known as Jennifer and Ian. However, in the Jessica Biel Disney+ series, they are referred to as Becky and Jason. In the 1990 TV movie “A Killing In A Small Town,” their names are portrayed as Sara and Sean. Without concrete evidence of their names or whereabouts, it is impossible to determine their current location.

Where are Betty Gore’s children today?

Alisa Gore, now Lisa, lives in Kansas with her husband John Harder and two sons. Bethany, a mother of four, works in Las Vegas.

After graduating from Norwich High in 1992, Lisa studied accounting at Kansas State University. Her LinkedIn page lists her as Koch Engineered Solutions’ business controller. She married John Harder in 1996 and has two boys, Sam and Jacob. They live in Kansas.

After her mother died at one year old, Bethany became a teacher. After graduating from Wichita State University, she is an assistant principal in Las Vegas, according to Facebook. Betty is one of Bethany and Chad’s four kids.

Final Words

Participants in the Candy Montgomery case were permanently altered by the June 13, 1980, tragedy. Candy’s sincere and kind persona veiled complexity that led to a horrifying act of violence. Candy’s surprising self-defense plea led to her acquittal, upsetting the town.

Candy divorced Pat Montgomery after years of seeking normalcy. Few details are known regarding Candy’s children, Jennifer and Ian.

Lisa and Bethany Gore, Betty Gore’s children, have found security and happiness on their own. Lisa, a business controller, lives in Kansas with her husband and two sons. Bethany, a Las Vegas assistant principal, has a family and honors her mother.

The legacy of this horrific incident lives on in dramatizations that illuminate human nature and the tremendous consequences of one fateful day in Dallas. The Candy Montgomery case shows the depths of human emotion and the unpredictability of life.


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