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Eila Mary Matt may not have the same level of fame as her former husband, Barry Williams, known for his role in The Brady Bunch. Barry, born Barry William Blenkhorn, gained popularity as an actor and singer.

The public spotlight shone on Barry and Eila’s marriage for almost seven years, thanks to Barry’s celebrity status. Despite their 2006 divorce, Eila Mary Matt remains an intriguing figure, especially given her connection to the television icon.

While Eila’s past is less widely known, her association with Barry Williams attracts media attention. The fact that Barry was married to Eila during a significant part of their relationship adds to the curiosity. People are often interested in Barry Williams’ experiences with the woman who played a crucial role in his life.

The post-marriage life of Eila Mary Matt is fascinating because divorce doesn’t completely sever the connection. The ongoing interest in Eila reflects the public’s curiosity about the personal lives of celebrities, even if she isn’t as widely recognized as her ex-husband.

Who is Barry Williams’ Second Wife? 

Eila Mary Matt became Barry Williams’ second wife in 1999, and she currently resides in New York at the age of 61. The couple welcomed a son named Brandon Eric Williams during their marriage.

In January 2001, Barry Williams faced a $52,000 fine from the Actors’ Equity Association, the stage actors’ union, for his role as Captain Von Trapp in a non-union tour of The Sound of Music. The production faced protests in various cities. Williams contested the fine, claiming it was unlawful as he had resigned from the union in September 2000 before the tour commenced. Equity argued that Williams, a union member since 1974, was still considered a member during contract negotiations for the role.

Personal Life 

Eila Mary Matt highly values her privacy and prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye. Unlike many celebrities, she maintains a low-profile on social media. On her LinkedIn page, which she actively updates, she shares insights into her career rather than personal details.

Throughout her marriage to Barry Williams, Eila remained discreet. The couple rarely made public appearances, and Eila adeptly balanced the fine line between her personal life and public interest with a grounded and cautious approach.

In an era where personal lives are often shared extensively on social media, Eila’s modest internet presence reflects her deliberate choice for a private life. Her commitment to maintaining this anonymity underscores her dedication to keeping her personal and professional lives separate.

Marriage To Barry Williams

Despite the public attention, Eila Mary Matt and Barry Williams’ marriage was characterized by privacy, a deliberate effort to shield their personal lives from the public eye. They successfully maintained a strong, loving relationship away from the celebrity spotlight.

The couple exchanged vows in New York in January 1999, embarking on their journey together. Despite Barry’s fame, they built a happy and private life.

In January 2003, their joy multiplied with the arrival of their son, Brandon Eric Williams, born just days before their marriage anniversary. The addition of a child brought immense happiness and brightened their lives.

Regrettably, a few years after the birth of their son, Barry Williams and Eila Mary Matt decided to part ways. Much like other aspects of their personal life, the reasons for their separation have been kept confidential, underscoring their commitment to discretion.

Know Little About Barry Williams

Google has well covered on Barry Williams

Barry William Blenkhorn, born on September 30, 1954, is widely recognized by his stage name Barry Williams, an accomplished American actor. His fame soared with the portrayal of Greg Brady, the eldest of the Brady sons, in the beloved ABC television series “The Brady Bunch” from 1969 to 1974. Barry reprised this iconic role in various sequels and spin-offs, including the animated series “The Brady Kids” (1972), the variety show “The Brady Bunch Hour” (1976-1977), and television films like “The Brady Girls Get Married” (1981) and “A Very Brady Christmas” (1988). His recent involvement in the reality TV series “A Very Brady Renovation” in 2019 continued to connect him with the cherished Brady legacy.

Beyond the Brady universe, Barry Williams made his mark on Broadway, debuting in the musical “Romance/Romance” in 1988. His filmography includes notable appearances in “Wild in the Streets” (1968) and “The Brady Bunch Movie” (1995). Williams also showcased his acting prowess in popular TV shows like “Marcus Welby, M.D.,” “Mission: Impossible,” “Murder, She Wrote,” “Full House,” “That ’70s Show,” and “Scrubs.”

In more recent years, Barry Williams remained in the spotlight, participating in entertainment shows such as “The Masked Singer” in 2022 and gracing the dance floor on season 32 of the ABC reality competition series “Dancing with the Stars” in 2023. His enduring presence in the entertainment industry highlights a career that spans decades, marked by versatility and a deep connection with his audience.

Are They Still Together 

Barry Williams and Eila Mary Matt chose to shield the details of their divorce from the public eye, maintaining a private stance on their reasons for parting ways. Eila initiated the divorce proceedings, seeking sole custody of their son, Brandon, marking the end of their marital journey.

The complexity of their separation is evident in Eila’s insistence on Barry’s visits being supervised by a nanny, a choice with undisclosed motivations. Brandon, now in his teenage years, follows his mother’s lead in embracing a life away from the public spotlight, preserving a sense of privacy.

Barry Williams, on the other hand, embarked on a third marriage in 2017, tying the knot with Tina Mahina. His earlier marriage to Diane Martin endured for two years, from 1990 to 1992. Despite the personal challenges they faced, Barry and Eila maintain a commitment to keeping the intricacies of their relationships and divorces shielded from public scrutiny.

Net Worth

Eila Mary Matt maintains a discrete approach regarding her income and financial details, leaving her net worth undisclosed. As a managing director, it is presumed that she enjoys a substantial income.

In contrast, Barry Williams’ net worth is publicly available, estimated at $6 million as of December 2022. It’s important to note that individual net worth can vary based on diverse factors, including one’s career, investments, and financial endeavors.

Among the cast of “The Brady Bunch,” Christopher Knight holds the title of the richest, boasting a net worth of $10 million. The evolution of the entertainment industry since the show’s debut in the 1970s has brought significant changes, with current television stars potentially earning millions per episode in today’s dynamic landscape.

People Also Ask 

Q. Who is Eila Mary Matt?

Eila Mary Matt is the second wife of Barry Williams, known for his role as Greg Brady in “The Brady Bunch.” She has a successful career in business management.

Q. When did Eila Mary Matt and Barry Williams get married?

Eila Mary Matt and Barry Williams tied the knot in January 1999. Their marriage lasted nearly seven years, ending in divorce in 2006.

Q. Where is Eila Mary Matt now?

Eila Mary Matt currently resides in New York and maintains a low profile on social media, valuing her privacy.

Q. What is Eila Mary Matt’s career?

Eila Mary Matt has had a successful career in business management, working at prominent firms such as UBS, Seawinds Asset Management LLC, Credit Suisse, EWM & Dilworth Securities LLC, and Henderson Global Investors.

Q. Why did Barry Williams and Eila Mary Matt divorce?

The reasons for Barry Williams and Eila Mary Matt’s divorce remain undisclosed. Both have committed to keeping the details of their personal lives private.


In summary, Eila Mary Matt’s connection with Barry Williams, famous for portraying Greg Brady in “The Brady Bunch,” has attracted public attention despite her preference for privacy. Throughout their nearly seven-year marriage, which commenced in 1999, they successfully shielded their personal life from the public eye.

Eila’s prosperous career in business management at esteemed firms such as UBS, Seawinds Asset Management LLC, Credit Suisse, EWM & Dilworth Securities LLC, and Henderson Global Investors highlights her success in the realms of business and finance.

The couple’s divorce in 2006, shrouded in undisclosed reasons, underscores their commitment to maintaining secrecy. Eila initiated the divorce proceedings and sought sole custody of their son, Brandon Eric Williams, who, like his mother, leads a quiet life.

While Eila Mary Matt’s net worth remains undisclosed, her role as a managing director suggests substantial financial success. As of December 2022, Barry Williams’ estimated net worth was $6 million. The narrative of this couple reflects the challenges of preserving anonymity in the realm of celebrity relationships.

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