Ndot Spinalot: The Rise of a Young Drill Rap Sensation from The Bronx

US Drill Rapper Ndot Spinalot is 14 in 2022. The teenage drill rapper recently dissed Notti, raising questions about his age and whether he is better than DD Osama and Sugarhill DDOT.

He has popular videos on TikTok and Youtube. His early rapping career has made news. He is also a big topic on Reddit and other platforms.

Despite his age and music career, the rapper has many fans. Drill Rap fans admire him.

Hip-hop drill subgenre. It started on Chicago’s streets in the early 2010s. It’s generally like trap music. Drill rap lyrics match gangsta rap. A few days ago, the teenage rapper released “Ndotspinalot x Justo Gz – RPT” to 358,168 YouTube views. Yamaica Productions helped the rapper finish the video, and fans love the tune.

Quick Facts 

Full NameEthan Noel
Popular NameNdot Spinalot
Age14 years
Date of Birth2008
Net Worth $100,000.

How Old Is Ndot Spinalot?

This Reddit discussion says Ndot Spinalot is 14. The rapper was born in NYC in 2008.

Ndot is one of many early-teen rappers who have succeeded and signed significant agreements. Even though he only started releasing music in October, Ndot has done all three.

Since both are contracted to Capitol Records, the rapper has caught up to his most famous peer SugarHill Ddot, who released music two years before him. The rapper’s early popularity has drawn supporters and opponents.

Spinalot Height And Weight

Ndot Spinalot is 5’1″ and 110 pounds. Like SugarHill Ddot, Ndot is tall and heavy.

Ndot’s enemies say he looks too infantile, and others have confused him for a woman. Every social media video has someone surprised he’s a boy.

The young musician, known for his self-confidence, seemed unfazed by the nasty comments. The rapper quickly defends his five-month-old wealth and success against critics who criticize his looks, age, and style.

Early Life of Ndot Spinalot

Young superstar Ndot Spinalot was born in 2008. He was born in 2008 in the US. Rapper Ndot Ndot Spinalot has not revealed his real name and appears comfortable using “Ndotspinalot.” The rapper performs with famous American rapper rat baby. Many of the rapper’s fans support him, but others say he’s too young.

Where Is Ndot Spinalot From?

Ndot Spinalots are Bronx residents. He’s from River Park, Bronx.

The rapper told YouTube channel On The Radar Radio that he is Puerto Rican and from The Bronx. After living with his grandmother in Brooklyn for a few years at two years old, he returned to the Bronx.

After moving back, he lived in River Park and became active in street life, which helped him integrate into the culture. In 2020, the rapper started rapping on his iPhone and shared them on his previous Instagram page, which he lost.

The rapper kept rhyming and is now signed to a major label at less than 15.

The Real Name of Ndot Spinalot?

Despite not revealing his real name, rapper Ndot Ndot Spinalot seems satisfied with his stage name.

This rapper performs with rptbaby, another prominent US rapper. Others say the rapper is too young for everything he’s done, but many fans embrace him.

YouTubers analyze Ndot’s latest rap videos due to his fame. The rising singer has released his first three music videos this month and shows superstar potential.

Fans believe Ndot will be a 2023 buzzword. Many people make TikToks and reels in his videos.

Career Path of Ndot Spinalot

Ndot began rapping recently. Although he just started rapping, the New York Drill scene has noticed him. Rap networks have been pursuing Ndot for interviews, increasing his relevance.

One reason is his music, but another is his many clashes with late rapper Notti Osama and SugarHill DDT. Over 200K Spotify subscribers follow the rapper, who debuted in October. With only two YouTube videos, Ndot has almost 5.18K subscribers. Bestie has nearly 4 million views on Raps & Hustles, where he posts videos.

Ndot Spinalot Net Worth Details

American rapper Ndot Spinalot has not declared his net worth.

His elder rivals DD Osama and Sugarhill DDOT are valued at $100,000. Thus, Ndot Spinalot may soon earn similarly.

Ndot makes money as a drill rapper. He is loved by US and international drill fans. Ndot plays in New York and other cities.

Short Ndot videos are circulating on Tiktok. Over 75K views and 7K likes are on most videos.

EOS, the singer’s music video with Tjay Gunz x Tone Hound x Ace Gunz, has 129,257 YouTube views. Additionally, the video has over 3K likes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How old is Ndot Spinalot?

Ndot Spinalot is 14 years old as of 2022. He was born in 2008 in New York.

2. Where is Ndot Spinalot from?

Ndot Spinalot is from The Bronx in New York. He was born in The Bronx, moved to Brooklyn for a while, but eventually returned to the River Park Section of the Bronx.

3. What is Ndot Spinalot’s real name?

Ndot Spinalot has not revealed his real name and goes by the stage name “Ndotspinalot.”

4. What is Ndot Spinalot’s net worth?

Ndot Spinalot’s exact net worth is not disclosed. However, his elder competition, DD Osama and Sugarhill DDOT, have a net worth of around $100,000, and Ndot’s earnings are expected to be in a similar range.

5. What is Ndot Spinalot’s career path?

Ndot Spinalot is a young rapper who recently entered the New York Drill scene. Despite his relatively short time in the industry, he has gained recognition and conflicts with fellow rappers, contributing to his growing popularity.

6. What is the drill music genre?

Drill is a subgenre of hip-hop music that originated from the streets of Chicago in the early 2010s. It shares similarities with trap music and often features lyrics associated with gangsta rap.


Drill music star Ndot Spinalot is a 14-year-old New York rapper born in 2008. His quick ascension to music stardom has both supporters and opponents. YouTube views of Ndot’s songs, like “Ndotspinalot x Justo Gz – RPT,” are high. 

The Bronx native is noted for his self-confidence despite his young age and criticism of his appearance. Ndot, whose actual name is unknown, is a budding drill rap sensation with a net worth anticipated to be comparable to his contemporaries.

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