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Lawyer, politician, and law professor Jamin Ben Raskin was born December 13, 1962. Democrat since 2017, he represents Maryland’s 8th congressional district. Maryland senator Raskin served from 2007 to 2016. Raskin previously represented Montgomery County, northwest of Washington D.C., rural Frederick County, and Pennsylvania.

In 2022, redistricting reduced his district to part of Montgomery County. Congressional Freethought Caucus co-chair Raskin chairs the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommittee. After the Capitol attack, he impeached Trump. Raskin co-founded and directed the American University Washington College of Law’s LL.M. law and governance program and Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project before joining politics.

jamie raskin net worth

Political figure Jamie Raskin net worth is $5 million is reported to be . His career as a constitutional law professor at American University’s Washington College of Law and as a Maryland State Senator and 8th Congressional District Congressman made him wealthy. Constitutional law and democracy books are also written by Raskin. His and wife Sarah Bloom Raskin’s net worth is combined.

Early life and education

Jewish parents Barbara (née Bellman) and Marcus Raskin had Jamin Ben Raskin in Washington, D.C., on December 13, 1962. A variant of his paternal grandfather Benjamin Raskin.Mother wrote and published, father was a former National Security Council advisor to President John F. Kennedy, Institute for Policy Studies co-founder, and progressive activist.Russian-born Raskin family.In 1979, Georgetown Day School graduated him at 16, and in 1983, Harvard College awarded him a BA in government with a political theory focus. He received a magna cum laude J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1987 while editing the Review.

Nick and Other NamesJamie
Birthday DateDecember 13
Birth Year1962
Age in 202462 years old
BirthplaceWashington, D.C, United States
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Hometown cityWashington, D.C
HobbiesTraveling, Shopping, Speeching
HeightIn Feet: 5 feet 8 inchesIn Centimeters: 176.8
WeightIn Kilograms: 65 KGIn Pounds: 143 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eyes ColorDark Brown
Skin ColorWhite
Figure Size38-26-32 Inches
Shoe Size9 Inches
Body TypeSlim

Jamie Raskin Career

Maryland’s 8th Congressional District is represented by Jamie Raskin since 2017. His term ends 2025. Raskin joined the Massachusetts attorney general as an associate attorney general in 1987 after completing his J.D. There he worked for two years till 1989.

Raskin taught law at Georgetown University Law Center and American University’s Washington College of Law in 1990. Constitutional law professor for nearly 25 years.

He created the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project and L.L.M. law and government curriculum as a professor.

Montgomery County District 20 state senator Raskin represented Silver Spring and Takoma Park in 2006. He became Senate majority whip, Montgomery County Senate Delegation, and Ethics Reform Select Committee head in 2012.

Joined Judicial Proceedings Committee. Democratic Raskin won Maryland’s 8th congressional district in 2017.

He won Maryland’s 8th congressional district general election on November 8, 2022.

Rural Frederick County to Pennsylvania and sections of Montgomery County, northwest of Washington, D.C., were in the district. Raskin now represents only part of Montgomery County after 2022 redistricting.

Law scholar and politician Jamie Raskin made $2–5 million.

Constitutional Law Books by Jamie Raskin

Constitutional law writings have made Jamie Raskin a respected author and increased his wealth. Raskin’s writings have influenced the legal community due to his knowledge.

Raskin’s “Constitutional Law: Cases and Materials” analyzes Supreme Court rulings that created the U.S. Constitution. This thorough guide teaches law students and scholars how constitutional concepts apply in actual life.

Raskin has produced works on democracy and political theory in addition to case studies, helping readers comprehend American governance.

Raskin’s books reach people interested in law, politics, and democratic values beyond academics.

Jamie Raskin’s writing has advanced constitutional law and increased his wealth as a respected author. His writings remain important in legal and scholarly circles, cementing his expertise.

Jamie Raskin’s Personal Life

After meeting Sarah Bloom Raskin, a famous lawyer and former Treasury Deputy Secretary, Raskin’s personal life changed. They married in 1990 and have three kids. Sarah’s law and political career has boosted the Raskin family’s wealth.

Jamie Raskin has always supported progressive causes and civil rights in his personal life. His political career and financial prosperity are defined by his advocacy and public service.

As Raskin advances in politics, his personal life remains essential to him. He has established a huge net worth and left a lasting impact on his communities by balancing work and life.

Is Jamie Raskin Sick?

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a crucial Jan. 6 committee member and former Trump impeachment manager, announced his cancer diagnosis on Wednesday. Raskin, 60, announced his Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, a dangerous but treatable disease. He hopes to work while outpatient chemo-immunotherapy. However, his doctors advise him to avoid COVID-19 and the flu. Oversight and Reform Committee ranking member Raskin was elected by Democrats for the forthcoming Congress. He said most people in his circumstances have a good outlook after four months of treatment.

Reasons Jamie Raskin Wears a Headscarf

Many, like E Street Band member and former Sopranos actor Steve Van Zandt, have supported Congressman Raskin’s cheerful approach despite his cancer diagnosis. Raskin tweeted his thanks to Van Zandt for sending him headscarves. Some Twitter users have said that men shouldn’t lose hair, but medical specialists say that chemo can induce scalp pain and blisters. Wearing a headscarf helps prevent these difficulties and control body temperature during treatment. Raskin previously beat colon cancer in 2011. Raskin has shown strength and optimism throughout his battle.

Jamie Raskin’s Assets and Investments

Jamie Raskin’s net worth comes from clever investments and significant assets built during his lifetime. Raskin invested properly and built money as a successful constitutional law professor.

Raskin’s Maryland and D.C. real estate portfolio is remarkable. Many of these assets have grown in value, increasing his wealth. Raskin has also diversified his portfolio by buying stocks and bonds to capitalize on financial market expansion.

Raskin also owns significant paintings and artifacts. He has curated a collection that has increased his wealth and reflects his artistic interests by spotting rare and costly objects.Investments and asset prices might change depending on market conditions and individual actions. Jamie Raskin’s ability to invest well and manage his assets has helped him enhance his wealth.

Jamie Raskin’s numerous revenue sources will be explored in the next section.


Q. Jamie Raskin’s wealth?

Jamie Raskin may be worth $5m. He earned constitutional law, served as a Maryland State Senator and U.S. Congressman, and wrote contributions.

Q. Education and background of Jamie Raskin?

On December 13, 1962, Jamie Raskin was born in D.C. Harvard Law School awarded the 1983 Harvard College graduate a J.D. magna cum laude in 1987. Raskin taught constitutional law 25 years.

Q. What political achievements has Jamie Raskin had?

Raskin has represented Maryland’s 8th congressional district since 2017. He chaired the Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and led the impeachment of former President Donald Trump after the Capitol attack.

Q. The significance of Jamie Raskin’s constitutional law books?

Jamie Raskin’s “Constitutional Law: Cases and Materials,” made him wealthy and distinguished. These works entertain the public by exploring Supreme Court cases and democracy.

Q. Jamie Raskin ill?

Jamie Raskin discussed his treatable DLBCL. He will work and get treatment despite the diagnosis.

Q. Raskin covers his head. Why?

Jamie Raskin wears a headscarf throughout chemotherapy to minimize blisters, scalp pain, and body temperature regulation. Positive feedback accompanied this act.

Q. Jamie Raskin’s investments?

Jamie Raskin buys house, equities, bonds, and pricey art and antiques. His well-diversified portfolio enhances his finances with savvy investments.


Lawyer, politician, and novelist Jamie Raskin is worth $5 million. Constitutional law professor, Maryland State Senator, and U.S. Congressman. Raskin’s investments, real estate, and writing have shaped his wealth. Raskin overcomes health issues and makes considerable personal and professional progress, leaving an indelible mark on law and politics.

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