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Jeff Glasko a former police officer from the Miami Police Department, gained fame not just for his career in law enforcement, but also for his long-standing relationship with American designer and media personality, David Bromstad. Their well-known partnership captured the attention of audiences in Hollywood and beyond, serving as a source of inspiration for many gay couples around the world. Glasko and Bromstad’s relationship, spanning over a decade, was admired for its strength and resilience, touching the hearts of many admirers. However, in 2015, the couple made the tough decision to go their separate ways, bringing an end to their 11-year journey together. Despite the public nature of their breakup, Glasko and Bromstad’s relationship continues to be celebrated for its positive impact on LGBTQ representation and love in the media.

Jeffrey Glassco Wiki

Full NameJeffrey Glassco
Date of BirthMay 6th, 1966
Age58 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Place of BirthBal Harbour, California
Current ResidenceMiami, US
Height (feet)5’11
Height (centimeters)180
Weight (pounds)149
Weight (kilograms)68
Hair ColourBrown-grey
Eye ColourBrown
MotherDoreen Tellier Glasko
FatherBruce Glasko
Relationship StatusSingle
PartnerDavid Bromstad (2004-2015)
UniversityRoger Williams University
ProfessionLaw Enforcer
Net Worth$700,000

Who Is Jeffrey Glasko? 

Who Is Jeffrey  Glasko? 

Jeff Glasko’s career in law enforcement is marked by his significant contributions during his time with the Miami Police Department. Over the course of approximately five years, he earned numerous accolades for his exemplary service. One notable achievement was his success in reducing crime by an impressive 50% within his local area. Glasko’s innovative strategies not only led to a substantial decrease in criminal activity but also improved outcomes in the field and minimized risks for both officers and the community.

Before joining the Miami Police Department, Glasko gained valuable experience as a Special Federal Officer (SFO) with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Later on, he showcased his expertise as a SWAT Team Leader at the City of Woonsocket, RI Police Department. Glasko’s career trajectory demonstrates his adaptability and effectiveness in various law enforcement roles across different agencies and departments.

Jeffrey Glasko’s Biography 

After being together for over ten years, Jeff Glasko and David Bromstad decided to part ways, leading to a challenging separation that played out in the public eye and eventually involved legal proceedings. Following the breakup, Glasko seemed to prefer a more private lifestyle, choosing to step away from the spotlight.

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Jeff Glasko Education

Jeff Glasko’s academic background has played a crucial role in shaping his journey as both an entrepreneur and business leader. Armed with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Glasko gained a solid understanding of fundamental business principles such as marketing, finance, accounting, and operations. This knowledge provided him with a strong foundation to launch and oversee successful ventures, driving growth and profitability.

Beyond the technical aspects, Glasko’s education sharpened his critical thinking and problem-solving skills, essential qualities for effective leadership. Moreover, his educational experiences facilitated valuable connections, allowing him to access insights, resources, and partnerships vital for business success. In essence, Glasko’s education has been instrumental in equipping him with the tools and networks necessary to thrive in the competitive world of business.

Jeffrey Glasko Career 

Jeffrey Glasko Career 

Before becoming known through his relationship with David Bromstad, JeffGlasko had a notable career in law enforcement. Starting in 1994, Glasko served as a special federal officer at the Federal Bureau of Investigation until 1999, where he gained experience in various roles. His dedication and skills propelled him up the ranks, eventually leading him to become a tactical team leader within the SWAT police unit.

However, Glasko’s partnership with his long-time companion, David Bromstad, brought him into the public eye. Bromstad, well-known for his appearances on HGTV’s Color Splash and his victory in the first season of Design Star, is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. His expertise in holiday interior design, showcased on shows like Beach Flip and My Lottery Dream Home, has earned him widespread acclaim.

Despite their success, the couple faced criticism in 2013 for collaborating with the Salvation Army to host the Red Shield Redesign Bash. This partnership sparked backlash online due to the Salvation Army’s alleged biases against the LGBTQ community, which contradicted Glasko and Bromstad’s advocacy for gay rights. The incident shed light on the challenges of balancing relationships and activism in the public sphere, sparking discussions about corporate accountability and inclusivity within charitable organizations.

Jeffrey Glasko Dating History 

The relationship between Jeff Glasko and David Bromstad defied the odds in the world of celebrity romances, lasting for over 11 years in an industry where love often fades quickly. Their love story began in 2012 at a Valentine’s Day party in Firestone, Florida, where they met and felt an instant connection.

However, confronted with the widespread discrimination and backlash against LGBTQ couples, Glasko and Bromstad chose to keep their relationship private, shielding it from public scrutiny, even from their closest friends and family. It wasn’t until 2010 when photos of Glasko and his partner emerged online, sparking rumors about Bromstad’s sexual orientation, which the couple later confirmed publicly that year.

Despite their efforts to maintain privacy, the end of their relationship in 2015 came as a shock to their fans and the LGBTQ community alike. This led to a bitter legal dispute, with Glasko accusing Bromstad of violating their oral cohabitation agreement, leaving him emotionally and financially devastated. Glasko opened up about his struggles with depression and sought comfort in various outlets, alleging that Bromstad’s reckless behavior, including substance abuse and extravagant spending, worsened his distress. The fallout from their breakup shed light on the complexities and challenges faced by high-profile LGBTQ couples, highlighting the importance of greater support and understanding within the community.

Forging Your Own Path: The World of Entrepreneurship

Forging Your Own Path: The World of Entrepreneurship

Jeff Glasko’s journey as an entrepreneur is at the core of his professional identity and has played a crucial role in shaping his success. As the visionary founder and CEO of several thriving enterprises, including Glasko Group and 10X Incubator, Glasko has consistently showcased his exceptional business acumen and leadership skills.

Through his entrepreneurial ventures, Glasko has not only achieved financial prosperity but has also made significant contributions to the wider business landscape. Glasko Group, a respected management consulting firm, has empowered numerous businesses to improve their efficiency and achieve their goals through strategic guidance and innovative solutions. Similarly, 10X Incubator, a dynamic startup accelerator founded by Glasko, has been instrumental in nurturing and propelling early-stage ventures toward sustainable growth and success by providing valuable support and resources.

Glasko’s entrepreneurial successes stand as a testament to his unwavering dedication, tireless work ethic, and forward-thinking approach. His remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, earning him widespread admiration and respect within the business community.

The Art Of Speaking To Inspire

Jeffrey Glasko’s success in business is greatly influenced by his knack for public speaking. He’s known for delivering captivating talks that dive deep into entrepreneurship and business strategies, captivating audiences worldwide. His speeches aren’t just informative; they’re inspiring, motivating countless individuals to take the plunge into their own entrepreneurial ventures and helping businesses thrive. Glasko’s reputation as a thought leader in the field has been solidified through features in top-tier publications like Forbes and But beyond personal gains, his speaking engagements are all about sharing knowledge and fostering success in others. He’s a true leader in the business community, lifting up fellow leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs with his wisdom

Guidance And Support: The Essence of Mentorship

Guidance And Support: The Essence of Mentorship

Jeffrey Glasko is deeply committed to mentorship, a journey that has profoundly shaped his path to success. As a mentor, he offers invaluable guidance to budding entrepreneurs, helping them overcome obstacles and reach their goals. Drawing from his wealth of experience, Glasko provides wise counsel on business strategies, fundraising, and leadership. By fostering enduring relationships with his mentees, he creates a supportive space for their personal and professional growth. Glasko’s mentorship ignites inspiration, propelling his mentees toward remarkable achievements in the world of business and beyond. His unwavering dedication highlights the transformative power of education and stands as a beacon of empowerment for aspiring leaders.

Jeff Glasko Net worth  

According to reports, Jeffrey Glasko has an estimated net worth of $700,000, which he earned during his time in law enforcement. He also generated income from his involvement in overseeing operations at David Bromstad LLC. Glasko’s former partner, David Bromstad, has a net worth of $2 million. Bromstad’s wealth comes from his appearances on television, his fashion design shows, and his business ventures, including ownership of Bromstad LLC.


Q. Who is Jeffrey Glasko, and what is his background?

Jeffrey Glasko, formerly a police officer with the Miami Police Department, gained recognition not only for his law enforcement career but also for his relationship with American designer and media personality David Bromstad.

Q. What notable achievements did Jeffrey Glasko attain during his time in law enforcement?

During his approximately five-year tenure with the Miami Police Department, Glasko was commended for his role in reducing crime by an impressive 50% within his local area.

Q. What significant roles did Jeffrey Glasko hold before his career in law enforcement?

Prior to joining the Miami Police Department, Glasko served as a Special Federal Officer (SFO) with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and as a SWAT Team Leader at the City of Woonsocket, RI Police Department.

Q. What is the relationship between Jeffrey Glasko and David Bromstad, and why did it gain attention?

Jeffrey Glasko and David Bromstad were in a relationship for over a decade, attracting public interest due to their status as a prominent gay couple in Hollywood.

Q. How long did Jeffrey Glasko and David Bromstad’s relationship last, and what led to their separation?

Glasko and Bromstad were together for 11 years before deciding to part ways in 2015, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation.


Jeffrey Glasko’s life has been marked by notable accomplishments in law enforcement, a well-known partnership with David Bromstad, and the struggles of being in the public eye. Although their split marked the conclusion of their relationship, their influence on LGBTQ representation continues to resonate deeply. Glasko’s experiences shed light on the challenges of maintaining personal relationships amidst public attention, emphasizing the importance of empathy and solidarity within the LGBTQ community and society as a whole.

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