Tom Weiskopf wife Laurie Weiskopf : A Remarkable Life Beyond the Shadows of a Golf Legend

Laurie Weiskopf


In American professional golf, Tom Weiskopf is synonymous with brilliance. From 1968 until 1982, Tom Weiskopf won 16 PGA Tour victories, cementing his place in golf history. Yet, behind this iconic sports figure was a woman who stood beside him through thick and thin – Laurie Weiskopf. Laurie’s life may have largely remained out of the public eye, but her role as a devoted wife and her own professional endeavors have made her a remarkable individual in her own right.

Who is Laurie Weiskopf?

Laurie Weiskopf is a sales associate for Russ Lyon’s Sotheby’s International Realty and PureWest Christie’s at Black Bull Bozeman. Her country is America. Additionally, Laurie is best known as the wife of late American professional golfer Thomas Daniel Weiskopf… The world’s most accomplished golfer, Tom, won 16 PGA Tour victories between 1968 and 1982.

Quick information about Laurie Weiskopf 

Full name Laurie Weiskopf 
Birth date Between 1952 -1962
BirthplaceNorth Dakota 
Age60 to 70 years old (as of 2022)
Ethnicity White
NationalityUnited States
ParentsMr. Weiskopf
Mrs. Weiskopf 
Eyes ColorBrown
Hair colourBlonde Brown
Weight55 kg, 121lbs
Height5’ 6”, 1.68m, 168cm
Body Measurements34-24-35
Shoe size5 UK.
Marital statusMarried
SpouseTom Weiskopf (d. August 20, 2022) 
ChildrenEric Weiskopf and Heidi Weiskopf
ProfessionProperty agent
Networth $5 million

Her Life Began in North Dakota

North Dakota is where Weiskopf was born and reared. Unfortunately, nothing is known about her childhood. This covers her parents, birthdays, and siblings. However, other websites predict Laurie will be in her fifties by 2023.

Real Estate Agent Laurie Weiskopf’s Career 

Weiskopf has almost twenty years of real estate experience. Her LinkedIn page shows she has worked for over ten companies. She was director of institutional services at Fargo Clinic, where she started her career, from 1981 until 1983. 

Laurie then managed the General Mills Restaurant Group for six years, 1983–1989. She then worked for America West Airlines for three and a half years before becoming director of suite services at America West Arena.

The Arizona Cardinals employed Laurie Weiskopf as special events director from February 1995 to October 1997. After leaving the Cardinals, she became Insight’s director of corporate sponsorships for over six years.

Laurie has worked with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty since 2010, where she is a realtor. She worked six months with Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty in 2012.

She also works as a sales associate at PureWest Christie’s in Black Bull Bozeman, where she started in November 2012. 

Who is Tom Weiskopf?

Former US professional golfer Tom Weiskopf is Thomas Daniel Weiskopf. He is one of the most successful PGA Tour golfers ever, holding the record for most wins. Some Tom Weiskopf facts:

  • Thomas Daniel Weiskopf is his full name.
  • November 9, 1942, is his birthday.
  • Origin: USA, Massillon, Ohio

Tom Weiskopf has many notable successes as a professional golfer, including:

  • PGA Tour Wins:  The PGA Tour won 16 times during his career.
  • Major Championships: The 1973 British Open was his most notable major triumph. 
  • Career: Tom Weiskopf finished in the top 10 in several major golf tournaments. The Masters, US Open, and PGA Championship are examples.

Tom Weiskopf was a courageous, strong, talented, and skilled golfer. In the late 1960s and 1970s, he was a respected professional golfer.

A Two-Decade Love Story of Laurie and Tom Weiskop

A beautiful tale of two decades of love and partnership between Laurie and Tom Weiskopf. Although they spent much of their time together privately, their relationship was solid and supportive.

The Beginning of Romance: Tom’s early professional golfing days may have introduced Laurie to him. Tom’s strong swing and remarkable ability made him famous in golf. Their journey undoubtedly began with a profound connection and mutual admiration for each other’s goals.

Marriage and Family: The pair married, choosing a life of love, adventure, and challenges. They raised a family while juggling Tom’s golfing career and other life issues.

Supportive Partnership: Laurie Weiskopf was crucial to Tom’s golfing career. Laurie continually supported Tom as he pursued his golfing aspirations. Beyond being a wife, she gave Tom strength and stability.

Balancing Fame and Privacy: Tom Weiskopf’s career as a professional golfer afforded him fame and notoriety, yet the pair balanced public and private life. Laurie’s decision to stay out of the media let them preserve normalcy despite stardom.

Cherished Memories: Laurie and Tom made many golf and non-golf memories together. These experiences likely included family victories, peaceful moments, and togetherness.

The Passing of Tom Weiskopf: Tragically, Tom Weiskopf died in 2022, leaving golf without him. Laurie grieved deeply over her spouse, yet her strength and tenacity honour him.

Laurie and Tom Weiskopf’s love story shows the power of love and teamwork. Tom’s golfing accomplishments are well-known, but Laurie’s support throughout his career is crucial. Their love story inspires us to remember that every great success starts with a supporting and caring partner.

Previous Marriages of Her Late Husband

While Laurie was only married once to her late husband Tom, Tom himself was married previously. The late golfer was married to Jeanne Weiskopf who was the Miss Minnesota in 1965. The former husband and wife got married in 1966, and a year later she became Miss Minnesota.

Tom and Jeanne gave birth to two children; daughter Heidi (b 1971) and son Eric (b 1973). The pair loved being outdoors and they raised their kids to appreciate sunlight and moonlight. Moreover, the family of four also enjoyed golf matches.

Tom and Jeanne were married for over three decades before their relationship turned sour in the mid-1990s. The former pair ultimately got a divorce in 1999. 

After his divorce, Tom Weiskopf remained single for 7 years before getting married to his second wife, Laurie Weiskopf.

Her Husband, Tom Weiskopf Died In 2022 

Tom Weiskopf died on August 20, 2022, at the age of 79 which has attracted lots of tributes to his death.

Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan says in a statement;

“The PGA TOUR is saddened at the passing of Tom Weiskopf, a towering figure in the game of golf not only during his playing career but through his accomplished work in the broadcast booth and golf course design business.”

Tom Weiskopf has a surviving wife.

Professional Golf Community Unites in Tribute to Tom Weiskopf to Support PANCAN PurpleStride: The Walk to End Pancreatic Cancer

In a heartwarming display of solidarity and support, the professional golf community has come together to honor the memory of the late golf legend, Tom Weiskopf, and raise funds for a noble cause. The initiative centers around tom Weiskopf wife Laurie Weiskopf, and the effort to combat pancreatic cancer through PANCAN PurpleStride: The Walk to End Pancreatic Cancer.

Remembering Tom Weiskopf

Tom Weiskopf, renowned for his extraordinary achievements in professional golf, touched the lives of countless individuals with his talent and sportsmanship. His passing in 2022 left a void in the golfing world and prompted an outpouring of tributes from fans and fellow athletes alike.

A Noble Cause: PANCAN PurpleStride

To honor Tom’s memory and contribute to a cause dear to their hearts, the professional golf community has rallied behind Laurie Weiskopf’s efforts to support PANCAN PurpleStride. This event is part of a broader nationwide movement dedicated to raising awareness about pancreatic cancer and funding research to find a cure.

Why PurpleStride Matters

Pancreatic cancer is a particularly challenging disease, often diagnosed in its advanced stages, and it has a low survival rate. PANCAN PurpleStride seeks to change this narrative by promoting early detection, advancing treatment options, and ultimately finding a cure for this devastating illness.

The Unity of the Golfing World

The support from professional golfers, authorities, and fans shows Tom Weiskopf’s impact on the sport and its people. It also emphasizes our shared commitment to fighting pancreatic cancer.

What You Can Do

There are various methods to support this important cause:

  1. Participate in PurpleStride: Join the walk in your local community or virtually to raise awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer research.
  2. Donate: Consider making a donation to PANCAN PurpleStride in honor of Tom Weiskopf and all those affected by pancreatic cancer.
  3. Spread the Word: Share Laurie Weiskopf’s efforts and the importance of PurpleStride within your golfing and social networks.
  4. Volunteer: Offer your time and support to local PurpleStride events or fundraising initiatives.

By uniting behind Laurie Weiskopf and embracing the cause of pancreatic cancer research, the professional golf community is not only honoring the legacy of a golfing legend but also demonstrating the power of collective action to make a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals affected by this devastating disease. Together, they walk with purpose, striving to turn the world purple in the fight against pancreatic cancer.

Looking at Laurie Weiskopf’s secrets

  • She feels best away from the spotlight.
  • Laurie and her husband are active in many ways.
  • Additionally, she does not utilize social media.
  • Lost her marriage really shattered her.
  • When her husband died, she was with their two children. Her husband was sick.
  • Tom and Laurie were together for 13 years before Tom’s 2005 cancer death. They had been married for 5 years.

Legacy Lives On

In 2022, Tom Weiskopf died tragically, but golf fans will always remember him. Laurie Weiskopf honors her late husband and continues his legacy even though she is still grieving. Her strength and resilience during this difficult time show their unshakable love.

Maintaining a Low Profile

Despite her husband’s golfing fame, Laurie Weiskopf kept a quiet profile. She focused on her family and career rather than the media circus that surrounds celebrities. Because she avoided the media, she was able to live a regular life without the restraints of fame.


Laurie Weiskopf is a great woman whose life has been eclipsed by her husband’s golfing prowess. Her real estate achievements and consistent support for Tom Weiskopf throughout their marriage show her strength and determination. While the world may know her as the wife of a golf legend, Laurie Weiskopf’s life is a story of love, resilience, and personal achievement that deserves recognition in its own light.

FAQs about Laurie Weiskopf

here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Laurie Weiskopf:

Who is Laurie Weiskopf?

Laurie Weiskopf, widow of Tom Weiskopf, is well-known in golf. In addition, she is pursuing a real estate career.

What is Laurie Weiskopf’s background?

What is Laurie Weiskopf’s background?

There is limited public information available about Laurie Weiskopf’s background, including her early life, education, and personal history.

What is Laurie Weiskopf’s profession?

Laurie Weiskopf has worked as a sales associate in the real estate industry, with affiliations at agencies like PureWest Christie’s at Black Bull Bozeman and Russ Lyon’s Sotheby’s International Realty.

How long were Laurie and Tom Weiskopf married?

Laurie and Tom Weiskopf were married for more than two decades before Tom’s passing in 2022.

What is known about Laurie Weiskopf’s personal life and interests?

Laurie Weiskopf has maintained a low profile, and limited information about her personal life and interests is publicly known.

How has Laurie Weiskopf moved on after Tom’s death?

Because Tom Weiskopf was Laurie’s husband, she may have struggled with mourning and adjusting to life following his death.

However, specific details about her coping mechanisms are private.

Is Laurie Weiskopf involved in any charitable or philanthropic activities?

Information about Laurie Weiskopf’s involvement in charitable or philanthropic activities, if any, is not widely available.

Are there any public appearances or interviews with Laurie Weiskopf?

Laurie Weiskopf has generally maintained a low public profile, and there have been limited public appearances or interviews featuring her.

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