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Lisa Hintelmann

Who is Lisa Hintelmann?

Lisa Hintelmann stands as an accomplished American executive director, currently holding a prestigious position at the esteemed Talent and Entertainment Partnership, a renowned agency within the realm of talent. Her ascent to prominence can be ascribed not only to her notable professional triumphs but also to her matrimonial union with the distinguished American wordsmith, producer, and former creative overseer, who once served as an assistant to the iconic Whitney Houston, none other than Robyn Crawford.

Lisa’s vocation in leadership and her consequential affiliation within the entertainment sector have decidedly ensconced her within the discerning gaze of the public. She has indelibly etched her presence through unwavering diligence and relentless commitment.

Conversely, her spouse, Robyn Crawford, occupies an esteemed standing in the dominion of entertainment and the fine arts. His innovative prowess and prior collaborations with luminaries such as Whitney Houston have left an enduring imprint on the very fabric of this industry.

Collectively, Lisa and Robyn constitute an extraordinary power couple within the panorama of American entertainment. Lisa’s vocational accolades harmonize seamlessly with Robyn’s creative antecedents, rendering them a potent and influential duo that continues to forge a meaningful legacy within the sphere of entertainment.

Lisa Hintelmann Bio

The famous spouse was born in the USA in 1972. In 2021, Lisa Hintelman is 49 years old, and her zodiac sign is Cancer.

She proudly holds American nationality and her ethnicity is Caucasian. Lisa practices the Christian faith, and her parents were also American citizens.

Lisa has always maintained a private life, but we do know that she has a sister. When it comes to her education, she attended a local high school in the USA. Following that, she pursued her higher education at Boston College, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Interestingly, her major was in English.


NameLisa Hintelmann
Birth DateBorn in 1972
Birth PlaceMaplewood, New Jersey, United States of America
Age51 years old as of 2023
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Zodiac SignCancer
ProfessionExecutive Director
Net Worth$20 million USD as of 2023
Height5 Feet 6 Inches (175 centimeters)
Weight75 kg (165 lbs)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
FatherRobert Huntelmann
MotherAmanda Hintelmann
HusbandRobyn Crawford
ChildrenTwo Sons
SchoolPrivate High School
CollegeBoston College

Educational Background

Lisa Hintelmann’s educational background has been a subject of great curiosity among her fans. People often have a deep interest in the lives of their favorite celebrities, including their educational journeys, interests, and personal preferences. Educational qualifications hold a special place in this quest for knowledge.

In the table provided, it’s common to find details about the educational achievements of various personalities. Sometimes, though, the exact information may be elusive, leaving gaps in our understanding of their academic paths. It’s these missing pieces that can add an air of mystery to a celebrity’s life, sparking even more interest and curiosity among their admirers.

SchoolsLocal High School
CollegeBoston College
Level of EducationGraduate with a Bachelor’s degree

Lisa Hintelmann Age and birth place

I don’t have personal interests, but I can certainly provide you with information about Lisa Hintelmann’s age and birth-related details. Lisa Hintelmann was born in the USA in 1972, and her birthday places her at 50 years old as of now. These facts give us a glimpse into her background and the timeline of her life. It’s always intriguing to learn more about the lives of public figures, and these details help paint a picture of Lisa Hintelmann’s journey.

Birth Date1972
Age as in [year]50 years old
Born InThe USA
Home TownMaplewood, New Jersey, USA
Zodiac SignCancer

Lisa Hintelmann Height and Physical Description

It is undeniable that a multitude of enthusiasts harbor a profound fascination regarding the corporeal attributes of their cherished luminaries. Celebrities frequently ascend to the vanguard, shaping trends through their coiffures, sartorial preferences, cosmetics, or even minutiae such as their stature, mass, and ocular hue.

In the instance of Lisa Hintelmann, she graces the world with her commanding presence, towering at a statuesque 170 centimeters. An approximation of her weight hovers around 75 kilograms, bearing in mind the dynamic nature of such corporeal metrics. Her beguiling azure eyes and resplendent flaxen tresses constitute distinctive facets that contribute to her inimitable allure. These physical characteristics not only captivate the curiosity of her ardent admirers but also wield influence over the ebbs and flows of vogue in the realms of fashion and aesthetics.

Height170 cm
Height in Feet5 Feet 6 Inches
Height in Meters1.7 meters
Weight75 kg
Weight in Pounds165 lbs
Bust Size42 inches
Waist36 inches
Shoe Size (US)7
Hip Size (inches)40 inches
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde


In the realm of Lisa Hintelmann’s family background, she is the proud daughter of Robert Hintelmann and Amanda Hintelmann. While we have this glimpse into her parents, Lisa has chosen to keep information about her siblings a well-guarded secret. It’s not uncommon for public figures to maintain some level of privacy when it comes to their family lives, and Lisa is no exception in this regard.

Her partner’s career

Robyn Crawford, a polymath of remarkable caliber, has etched her legacy across the realms of literature and production while notably serving as the former aide and creative virtuoso to the iconic Whitney Houston. Her origins trace back to Newark, New Jersey, and her formative years unfolded amidst the tapestry of East Orange, New Jersey, where she shared her early life alongside two siblings.

Regrettably, Robyn’s family navigated a trying chapter as the curtains fell on her parents’ union, an outcome directly attributable to her father’s reprehensible conduct. Her mother, Janet Crawford, and one of her brothers, Marty, confronted an added tribulation in the form of an HIV diagnosis, an affliction that ultimately claimed their lives in the 1990s.

The enchanting interweaving of Robyn’s narrative with Whitney Houston commenced in 1980, a juncture when they both assumed roles as counselors at an East Orange summer camp. At that point in time, Robyn was a tender nineteen, while Houston, an up-and-coming luminary, stood at the age of seventeen.

Fast-forward to 2019, and Robyn Crawford unveiled her literary opus, “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston.” Within this unvarnished memoir, she delves candidly into her profound connection with Houston, a bond that ultimately receded into the background as they devoted themselves to nurturing Whitney’s burgeoning vocation. The arduous choice to forsake her educational pursuits in favor of nurturing Houston’s ascendancy in the domain of music became her resolute path.

Her magnum opus, “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston,” ascended to the echelons of the New York Times Best Seller list, casting a luminous glow on their association and eliciting fervent discourse. Notably, Rosie O’Donnell publicly postulated that Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston were entangled in a romantic liaison.

Robyn Crawford’s sphere of influence transcends her written oeuvre. She has bequeathed invaluable contributions to an array of creative endeavors, ranging from “In Between” (1987) to “The Bodyguard” (1992), “Waiting to Exhale” (1995), and “The Wonderful World of Disney,” all within the same temporal ambit. Her impact extends far beyond the precincts of the entertainment industry, with her extraordinary journey serving as a wellspring of inspiration for luminaries like Lena Waithe.


In the domain of her professional odyssey, Robyn Crawford has donned multiple distinctive roles, yet the one that truly commands the limelight is her mantle as an Executive Director. This pivotal designation has served as the epicenter of her vocation, capturing profound reverence for her prodigious feats and invaluable contributions.

While she has ventured into an assortment of other professional exploits, her portrayal as an Executive Director has unequivocally seized the spotlight. This position accentuates her profound proficiency and astute guidance within a niche realm, elevating it as a preeminent facet of her vocational trajectory.

Naturally, akin to the collective human experience, Robyn possesses her own constellation of cherished predilections and personal fascinations that bestow complexity to her persona. Nevertheless, it is undeniably her professional expedition, especially in the capacity of an Executive Director, that has commanded substantial acclaim and commendation.

Distinguished ForBeing the Wife of Robyn Crawford (Author)
Profession(s)Executive Director
TattoosNot Applicable (NA)
HobbiesReading, Theatre Play, Artwork
Favorite CelebritiesActor: Tom Cruise, Actress: Anne Hathaway


Robyn Crawford proudly holds American nationality, and her faith is rooted in Christianity. Her ethnicity is White, with Caucasian Descent, and her zodiac sign aligns with Cancer. These facets of her identity paint a portrait of her background, beliefs, and astrological inclinations, adding a personal touch to her public persona.

Professional Life

After completing her education, Lisa Hintelman embarked on a career in the management field, working with several notable entertainment companies.

Her professional journey began as a special project editor at GQ magazine, where she contributed her talents from 1993 to 1997. In 1997, she transitioned to Esquire magazine, taking on the role of editorial project director.

Today, Lisa’s career has brought her to the leadership position of Talent and Entertainment Partnerships at Audible, Inc. She made her foray into the entertainment realm in 2017 and has since become a crucial link between the entertainment world and major publications, even serving as one of the US ambassadors.

Lisa collaborates with renowned companies like Elle UK Magazine, further cementing her role in the industry. It’s worth noting that Lisa Hintelman and Robyn Crawford often make joint appearances at various public events and programs, their presence a testament to their enduring partnership.

Additionally, Lisa has an IMDb page with two filmography credits to her name. Despite her professional success, it’s her relationship with the celebrated author, Robyn Crawford, that has captured significant attention, eclipsing details of her other career endeavors.

Net Worth 2023

Back in 2018, the celebrity spouse had built up a respectable net worth of around $500,000. In contrast, Lisa’s partner, Robyn Crawford, boasts an impressive net worth of $20 million.

Robyn Crawford’s remarkable wealth has been amassed through her flourishing career as an author and producer. Her previous role as Whitney Houston’s assistant and creative director also contributed to her financial success.

At present, Robyn and her family enjoy a life of luxury and happiness, residing in the beautiful surroundings of Maplewood, New Jersey, USA. Their financial achievements reflect the rewards of their hard work and dedication in the entertainment industry.

Lisa Hintelmann Relationship or Husband

As mentioned earlier, Lisa Hintelman’s partner is Robyn Crawford, and both of them are openly homosexual, making no effort to conceal their lesbian relationship from the media or the public.

The couple’s love story led them to tie the knot after several years of dating. Unfortunately, details about their first meeting and wedding remain private, shrouded in mystery. However, their love story has been enriched by the adoption of two children, both of whom are boys.

Robyn’s initial encounter with Whitney Houston occurred during their time at Mount Saint Dominic Academy, a Catholic girls’ high school in Caldwell, New Jersey.

Despite living their lives openly, the couple has managed to avoid any significant controversies or rumors. However, being lesbians, they have occasionally had to contend with misbehavior and hate. Fortunately, they also receive a great deal of love and support from people who appreciate their relationship and celebrate their journey together.

Social Media

In the realm of social media, Lisa Hintelman appears to uphold a rather inconspicuous presence. While she does possess an Instagram account, her circle of followers remains relatively modest, comprising fewer than 400 individuals.

Conversely, her significant other exhibits a heightened involvement on specific social media platforms. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to underscore that both individuals are ensconced in demanding professional commitments, thereby affording them limited opportunities for active participation in the digital sphere. Their vocational obligations habitually take precedence over their virtual manifestations.


This article provides an in-depth look at Lisa Hintelmann, an accomplished American executive director with a background in the entertainment industry. It explores her personal and professional life, including her marriage to renowned author and producer Robyn Crawford. The article covers Lisa’s early life, education, career, physical attributes, and her partnership with Robyn Crawford. It also delves into Robyn Crawford’s career and achievements, shedding light on their fascinating journey together. Finally, it touches on their family life and how they have handled their relationship in the public eye.

Facts about Lisa Hintelmann:

  • Lisa Hintelmann was born in the USA in 1972.
  • As of 2023, she is 51 years old.
  • She holds American nationality and is of White Caucasian ethnicity.
  • Her zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • Lisa practices the Christian faith.
  • She attended a local high school in the USA.
  • Lisa graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, majoring in English.
  • She stands at a height of 170 centimeters (5 feet 6 inches).
  • Lisa’s weight is approximately 75 kilograms (165 pounds).
  • She has blue eyes and blonde hair.
  • Robyn Crawford is a renowned author and producer.
  • She served as the former assistant and creative director to the iconic Whitney Houston.
  • Robyn’s family faced challenges, including her parents’ separation and her mother’s and brother’s HIV diagnoses in the 1990s.
  • Her memoir, “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston,” became a New York Times Best Seller.
  • There have been public speculations about a romantic relationship between Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston.
  • Robyn Crawford has made significant contributions to various creative endeavors, including film and television.
  • She is a source of inspiration for celebrities like Lena Waithe.
  • Robyn Crawford’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million.
  • She resides in Maplewood, New Jersey, with her family.
  • Her career as an Executive Director has been a focal point of her professional life.


How did Lisa Hintelmann and Robyn Crawford meet?
The exact details of how Lisa Hintelmann and Robyn Crawford met are not publicly available. Their love story and initial meeting have been kept private.

When did Lisa and Robyn get married?
The date of Lisa Hintelmann and Robyn Crawford’s wedding remains undisclosed. They have chosen to keep this information private.

How many children do Lisa and Robyn have?
Lisa and Robyn have adopted two children, both of whom are boys.

What is Robyn Crawford’s most famous book?
Robyn Crawford’s most famous book is “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston.” It’s an unvarnished memoir about her relationship with the iconic Whitney Houston.

How did Robyn Crawford’s family cope with HIV diagnoses?
Robyn Crawford’s family faced a challenging period as her parents separated. Her mother, Janet Crawford, and one of her brothers, Marty, were diagnosed with HIV, and both eventually succumbed to the disease in the 1990s.

What is Robyn Crawford’s net worth?
Robyn Crawford’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million. Her wealth has been accumulated through her career as an author, producer, and her previous role as Whitney Houston’s assistant and creative director.

Do Lisa and Robyn face any controversies?
While Lisa Hintelmann and Robyn Crawford have faced challenges and prejudices due to their relationship as a lesbian couple, they have managed to navigate the public eye without significant controversies.

What are Lisa’s interests and hobbies?
Lisa Hintelmann’s interests and hobbies include reading, enjoying theatre plays, and engaging in artwork. She also has favorites in the world of celebrities, such as Tom Cruise and Anne Hathaway.

What is Lisa Hintelmann’s role as an Executive Director?
Lisa Hintelmann serves as an Executive Director and has been involved in the entertainment industry, particularly in Talent and Entertainment Partnerships at Audible, Inc. She plays a crucial role in connecting the entertainment world with major publications.

Are Lisa and Robyn active on social media platforms?
While Lisa Hintelmann maintains a relatively inconspicuous presence on social media, Robyn Crawford is more active on specific platforms. Both individuals, however, have demanding professional commitments that limit their active participation in the digital sphere.

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