Liver King: From Ancestral Living to Financial Triumph

Brian Johnson, known as the “Liver King,” is a bodybuilding and fitness icon. Johnson’s $12 million net worth as of August 2023 comes from multiple sources.

Johnson made his fortune investing in ancestral health brands, supplement firms, and real estate. These investments have increased his wealth. Johnson’s personal brand and wellness businesses earn $100 million annually.

Brian Johnson uses his fitness and health influence to get sponsorships and brand endorsements. He advertises these relationships on his social media accounts, gaining a large audience and benefitting from them. This business model strengthens his finances.

Johnson also runs a nutritional supplement company. The success of this business boosts his profits and entrepreneurial skills.

Liver King’s Net Worth

Net worth$310,000,000
BornApril 7, 1977
NationalityAmerican from San Antonio, Texas
OccupationInfluencer & entrepreneur
Sources of wealthWellness startups & endorsements
Asset classesReal estate & startups

The “Liver King” is worth $10 million. Brian Johnson, a fitness instructor and social media figure, goes by Liver King, pushing raw meat eating, especially liver. Nutritionists have called his “ancestral” diet harmful. The late 2022 revelation that Johnson frequently takes testosterone and steroids contradicted his claim that he never used them to get ripped.

Liver King made money how?

Liver King and Barbara Johnson founded a vertically integrated dentistry practise, which they sold. The Johnsons started selling nutritional supplements and influencing full-time after leaving their lucrative dentist practise.

Liver Queen, his wife, backed Brian’s traditional lifestyle, which launched Liver King’s career as a muscular shirtless influencer.

These companies are based on “Ancestral Living,” a lifestyle inspired by our forefathers. This involves a paleo diet of raw flesh, bone marrow, and animal liver and pushing the body to its limits.

Brian Johnson derives most of his money via social media endorsements and enterprises. Johnson became a U.S. social media influencer in 2022 with millions of followers.

Johnson attracts new followers by sharing his diet and fitness routine. His ancestral living supplement line makes Liver King rich. His social media posts promote his bodybuilding sponsorships and company endorsements.

Johnson’s wealth has skyrocketed in recent years. Liver King’s 2022 income is close to his 2018 net worth.

How did Brian Johnson become Liver King?

April 7, 1977, saw Brian Johnson born in San Antonio, Texas. Liver King was severely bullied in school, but nothing more is known about his childhood. His bachelor’s in applied science in biochemistry was earned from Texas Tech University in 2000. After attending Texas Tech University, Johnson quit medical school and joined a pharmaceutical company.

Johnson was a lifetime gym rat, but his high-paying pharma job allowed him to snowboard. While skiing, he met Barbara, his future Liver Queen. However, this was before his Instagram Liver King career.

Social Media Career

Johnson, known as “Liver King,” joined social media in summer 2021. He got viral on TikTok and YouTube for promoting the “ancestral” lifestyle, which he claims gave him his jacked body. Johnson lists nine lifestyle principles: sleep, eat, move, shield, connect, cold, sun, fight, and link. He calls for a return to ancestral practises that emphasise “natural” diets and physical activity, believing that modern lifestyles of processed meals, sedentary habits, and stress are deleterious to health.

Johnson’s “ancestral” lifestyle, which has made him famous online, involves eating a lot of raw flesh, especially liver. Due of its high vitamin A, B, D, and iron content, he strongly advocates raw liver. Johnson recommends eating raw hearts, brains, kidneys, tongues, and testicles. Johnson is also known for long fasts. His innovative approach to health and exercise has earned him over 4.2 million TikTok followers and 46 million YouTube views.


Johnson has been controversial since becoming a social media sensation, with nutritionists calling his raw meat diet unsafe. He was even more mocked in late 2022 when it was uncovered that he took testosterone and drugs to get his body, although having denied using them. The “time and place” for “pharmacological intervention.” Johnson defended himself.

Personal Life and Real Estate

Barbara, a dentist, and Johnson met in 2004. Dental practise opened together. The couple raised “ancestral” boys Stryker and Rad.

Johnson’s family lives in a Texas 8,300-square-foot Spanish restoration home. A boxing ring in the living room, axes and firearms on the walls, and four big Dobermans on patrol make it look like a mediaeval fortress. The family sleeps on wooden slats without mattresses. 

The Role of Determination and Dedication

Liver King’s commercial success is due to his perseverance. He is , a chemist turned health and fitness entrepreneur, has always worked hard and driven himself.

His unusual methods have paid off. His scandalous consumption of raw liver and testicles made him famous online. These audacious behaviors show his eagerness to push limits and explore new avenues.

Liver King’s financial success also stems from his ancestral health beliefs. He has found a niche in the health and fitness market by following these concepts and applying them into his business plans. His dedication to his convictions has earned him a loyal following and significant wealth.

Liver King has built several profitable firms with his perseverance. His financial success depends on his ability to adapt to the ever-changing health and fitness market. Liver King’s story inspires ambitious entrepreneurs to persevere and follow their dreams.

Ancestral Health Philosophy of Liver King

Liver King’s riches has been built on his traditional health theories and financial methods. His innovative approach to health and fitness has made him famous online and made him wealthy in a competitive market. Liver King, a chemist and pioneer of Ancestral Supplements, became wealthy by harnessing ancestral practises’ potential.

Liver King sources and sells nutrient-dense foods and supplements, believing our predecessors knew best. He has capitalised on the demand for ancestral health items among natural and holistic health enthusiasts. Liver King’s riches comes from providing high-quality ancestral vitamins.

Liver King owns several successful enterprises, including Heart & Soil and The Fittest, in addition to his supplement company. He diversifies and maximises his revenue with these ventures. Liver King’s financial future is secure because to his hard work.


Q: How did Liver King’s unusual techniques help to his financial success?

A: Liver King’s unusual behaviours, such as devouring raw liver and testicles, drew him tremendous attention and helped him become an internet star. This, in turn, enhanced his business efforts and contributed to his financial success.

Q: What is Liver King’s estimated net worth?

A: While the actual statistics are not publicly released, Liver King’s net worth is thought to be enormous, considering his thriving businesses and annual revenue of around $100 million.

Q: How does Liver King’s controversial image effect his financial success?

A: Liver King’s controversial reputation has both positive and negative consequences on his financial success. While it attracts attention and can help his economic initiatives, it may also alienate some elements of the market.

Q: What part did determination and dedication play in Liver King’s financial success?

A: Liver King’s financial success can be ascribed to his perseverance and everlasting dedication to his business undertakings. His adherence to his indigenous health principles and dogged pursuit of his goals have been essential in his wealth gain.

Q: How do Liver King’s ancestral health views relate to his financial strategies?

A: Liver King’s ancestral health theories form the core of his financial tactics. His belief in the value of natural and ancestral methods in reaching maximum health has informed his business actions, leading to his financial success.

Q: What can we learn from Liver King’s unusual road to financial success?

A: Liver King’s unique route to financial success teaches us the value of determination, dedication, and adopting uncommon approaches. It shows that with hard work and a clear goal, one can earn great fortune in even the most esoteric businesses.


In conclusion, Brian Johnson, the “Liver King,” is a notable bodybuilder and wellness figure. Johnson’s $12 million net worth comes from strategic investments in ancestral health brands, supplement firms, and real estate. His brand partnerships, wellness businesses, and nutritional supplement companies generate significant annual revenue.

Johnson’s unconventional lifestyle has brought him financial success and a loyal following of health-conscious people. Based on property ownership and conservative business estimations, his net worth is likely $12 million. Brian Johnson is influential in the fitness community due to his entrepreneurial skills and commitment to holistic health.

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