Monica Lewinsky’s Net Worth: How Did She Build Her Fortune?

monica lewinsky net worth

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth

$1.5 Million

monica lewinsky net worth

Monica Lewinsky, an American author, public speaker, and anti-bullying activist, boasts a net worth of $1.5 million. Her journey into the limelight began with a notorious affair with President Bill Clinton during her time as a White House intern in the mid-1990s, ultimately leading to Clinton’s impeachment and thrusting Monica into international celebrity status.

Acknowledging the unprecedented impact of cyberbullying on her own life, Monica has actively championed the cause since 2014. She stands as a prominent supporter of the #MeToo movement, using her experiences to raise awareness about the destructive nature of online harassment. In 1999, she collaborated with author Andrew Morton to publish “Monica’s Story,” receiving a reported book advance of $500,000.

Monica’s endeavors go beyond literature; she ventured into fashion with her own handbag line, took on the role of a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and even tried her hand at hosting the 2003 Fox dating show, “Mr. Personality.” Adding another feather to her cap, Monica played a significant role in producing the FX series “Impeachment: American Crime Story” in 2021, featuring Beanie Feldstein as Monica and Clive Owen as Bill Clinton. Through her diverse pursuits, Monica Lewinsky has become a multifaceted figure, navigating the complexities of fame, activism, and creativity.

Quick Facts 

Value Attribute 
Full NameMonica Samille Lewinsky
Date of Birth23 July 1973
Age50 years old (2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
BirthplaceSan Francisco, California, USA
Alma MaterSanta Monica College, London School of Economics
Height5’6’’ (168 cm)
Weight158 lbs (72 kg)
Body Measurements (in inches)39-27-38
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourDark brown
Marital StatusSingle
ParentsMarcia Lewis and Bernard Lewinsky
ProfessionActivist and writer
Net Worth$1.5 million
Famous forClinton-Lewinsky scandal

Who is Monica Lewinsky?

Who is Monica Lewinsky?

Monica Lewinsky, a former White House intern, found herself at the center of a scandal with then-President Bill Clinton in the late 1990s. In 1995, at the tender age of 22, Monica embarked on her journey as an intern during Clinton’s first term at the White House, ultimately leading to a tumultuous affair with the President. The repercussions of this affair and the ensuing attempts to cover it up resulted in Clinton’s impeachment by the House of Representatives in 1998, though he was later acquitted by the Senate.

This scandal left an indelible mark on American politics, reshaping public perceptions of the presidency. Monica Lewinsky, once a behind-the-scenes figure, emerged as a controversial and highly publicized individual.

In the aftermath of the scandal, Monica chose to redirect her life’s narrative. She transitioned into becoming an anti-bullying activist, using her own experiences to shed light on the detrimental impacts of cyberbullying. Today, Monica Lewinsky stands not just as a symbol of a historical controversy but as a resilient voice advocating for positive change in the realm of online behavior.

Inheritance Of Monica Lewinsky

Inheritance Of Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky hails from a family with substantial wealth. Her father, a distinguished doctor, and her mother, a highly successful author, provided a privileged upbringing. Adding to the family’s financial history, Monica’s grandparents, who were affluent Jews, managed to escape Hitler’s Germany, preserving both their lives and their wealth.

In terms of Monica’s own finances, she inherited a considerable sum of $9 million from her family’s estate. This inheritance encompasses a variety of assets, including valuable art and antiques, real estate properties, and cash. It’s evident that Monica was born into affluence, with the inheritance money constituting approximately 20% of her overall net worth. This financial background offers a glimpse into the complexity of Monica Lewinsky’s personal story, shaped by both her family’s prosperity and her own unique experiences.

Early Life and Education

Early Life and Education

Monica Lewinsky, born on July 23, 1973, entered this world in San Francisco, California, as Monica Samille Lewinsky. Growing up in a Jewish household in Los Angeles, she shared her home with her mother, Marcia, an author, her father, Bernard, an oncologist, and her brother Michael. However, the family faced a significant change in 1987 when Monica’s parents decided to part ways, leading to a bitter divorce. Following the separation, both parents eventually remarried, introducing new dynamics to Monica’s family structure.

Monica embarked on her educational journey at Sinai Temple’s school, Sinai Akiba Academy, and furthered her studies at the John Thomas Dye School, Beverly Hills High School, and Bel Air Prep. Graduating in 1991, Monica’s formative years were shaped by a diverse educational experience, marked by the challenges and changes within her family.

Monica Lewinsky’s affair with President Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky's affair with President Bill Clinton

Between November 1995 and March 1997, Monica Lewinsky shared nine intimate encounters with Bill Clinton, though none involved intercourse. In 1996, she was transferred to the Pentagon, a move prompted by concerns from her superiors about her spending too much time in proximity to the president.

The turning point came when Monica confided in her co-worker Linda Tripp about her relationship with the president. Linda, in response, began recording all subsequent conversations with Lewinsky. This marked the beginning of the end for Monica, as her life was thrust into the unforgiving court of public opinion. She has since expressed that she was the first person to witness their reputation being globally dismantled via the Internet.

In 1999, Monica’s story took a new twist when she was paid $1 million for an interview with Barbara Walters on “20/20,” attracting an astounding 70 million viewers. This interview stands as the second most-watched in TV history, trailing only Michael Jackson’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. This chapter in Monica’s life reflects the highs and lows of public scrutiny and media attention.

Professiuonal Career

Professiuonal Career

In March 1999, Monica Lewinsky’s interview on “20/20” with Barbara Walters became the second most-watched TV interview in history, reaching 70 million viewers and earning her $1 million for international rights. Transitioning to entertainment, she appeared on “Saturday Night Live” in May 1999 and signed a controversial $1 million endorsement deal with Jenny Craig in January 2000, requiring a 40-pound weight loss in six months. The campaign ended in April, paying her only $300,000.

Throughout 2000, Monica made appearances on shows like “The Tom Green Show” and hosted “Monica’s Postcards” on Channel 5 in the U.K. In 2002, she shared her perspective on HBO’s “Monica in Black and White” and entered reality TV, hosting “Mr. Personality” and appearing on shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” “The View,” and “V Graham Norton.”

After a hiatus from 2005 to 2014, Monica returned, writing for “Vanity Fair” and participating in events like the National Geographic Channel’s “The 90s: The Last Great Decade.” Her TED talk in 2015 focused on cyberbullying, leading to a role as an ambassador and strategic advisor for the Bystander Revolution. In 2017, Monica wrote the foreword for “Shame Nation” and discussed public shaming on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” in 2019. Continuing in television, she served as a producer on the third season of Ryan Murphy’s “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” premiering in fall 2021, exploring the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Monica revealed that she grappled with post-traumatic stress disorder in the aftermath of the scandal, turning to knitting as a therapeutic outlet to navigate the overwhelming media scrutiny. This creative pursuit inspired her to establish The Real Monica, Inc. in 1999, where she ventured into designing handbags that found a place in stores like Fred Segal and Henri Bendel.

In the aftermath of the controversy, Monica’s journey led her to call various cities home, including New York City, London, Portland, and Los Angeles. From 2005 to 2014, she chose to keep a low profile. However, in 2014, she resurfaced with an essay titled “Shame and Survival” for “Vanity Fair” and continued contributing to the magazine’s website.

As of late 2021, Monica shared details of her personal life with PEOPLE magazine, indicating that while she dates, she remains unmarried. She emphasized the importance of maintaining privacy in her romantic life, stating, “if anybody has earned a right to have their romantic life private, it’s me.” Currently, Monica calls San Francisco, California, her place of residence.

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What is Monica Lewinsky doing now? 

What is Monica Lewinsky doing now? 

After a decade away from the public eye, Monica marked her return with a poignant essay titled “Shame and Survival.” Her commitment to combating online bullying has become a significant focus of her life. Notably, Monica serves as a strategic advisor for Bystander Revolution, an anti-bullying organization founded by MacKenzie Bezos. In 2019, she took on the role of producer for Ryan Murphy’s series “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” providing a closer look at her affair with Bill Clinton and the subsequent impeachment trial.

Adding to her impactful contributions, Monica recently served as an executive producer for the Max documentary “15 Minutes of Shame,” delving into the complex realm of cyber harassment and its victims. Given the enduring interest in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, details about Monica’s personal life remain under public scrutiny.

Monica Lewinsky’s Inheritance and Investments

Monica Lewinsky’s Inheritance and Investments

Monica Lewinsky’s financial success can be traced in part to her inheritance and astute investment choices. Coming from a well-to-do family, she inherited a substantial amount from her family’s estate, encompassing valuable assets like art, antiques, real estate properties, and cash. It is estimated that this inheritance constitutes around 20% of her overall net worth.

Beyond her inheritance, Monica has displayed financial acumen by engaging in strategic investments, particularly in event management companies. Utilizing her personal connections, she adeptly negotiated equity stakes in these businesses. While the specific details of these investments aren’t publicly disclosed, they undoubtedly play a significant role in enhancing her financial standing.

FAQs about Monica Lewinsky:

1. What is Monica Lewinsky’s net worth?

Monica Lewinsky’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

2. Why is Monica Lewinsky famous?

Monica Lewinsky gained notoriety due to her affair with then-President Bill Clinton while she was a White House intern, resulting in a scandal that led to Clinton’s impeachment.

3. What is Monica Lewinsky’s profession?

Monica Lewinsky is an American author, public speaker, and anti-bullying activist.

4. What is Monica Lewinsky’s involvement in the #MeToo movement?

Monica Lewinsky is a prominent proponent of the #MeToo movement, advocating against cyberbullying and sharing her experiences as a victim.

5. What are Monica Lewinsky’s contributions to the entertainment industry?

Monica Lewinsky has been involved in various entertainment ventures, including guest appearances on shows like “Saturday Night Live,” hosting the reality show “Mr. Personality,” and serving as a producer on the FX series “Impeachment: American Crime Story.”

6. How did Monica Lewinsky cope with the aftermath of the scandal?

Monica Lewinsky suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after the scandal and found solace in knitting. She later created The Real Monica, Inc., designing handbags as a way to cope with the media attention.


In summary, Monica Lewinsky’s life has been a tumultuous journey, marked by the unpredictable twists of fame, notoriety, and personal challenges. Despite enduring intense public scrutiny and the aftermath of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, she has emerged as a resilient and multifaceted individual. Monica has shifted her focus to advocacy, particularly against cyberbullying, and has become a compelling voice in the #MeToo movement. Her financial success, supported by a substantial inheritance and strategic investments, reflects her ability to navigate challenges and shape her own narrative. Monica Lewinsky’s evolution from a White House intern to an activist and producer is a testament to her strength and determination in defining her story on her own terms.

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