Who’s Pam Byse? Wife of Morris Chestnut 

Famous American actor Morris Chestnut married Pam Byse. The award-winning actor played Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. in Fox’s 2015 Rosewood. The actor’s popularity makes people curious about his wife, Pam Byse. 

This article reveals everything about her. Before appearing in the series, the actor had several high-paying roles. Morris Chestnut, 52, debuted in Freddy’s Nightmares in 1990. Boyz n the Hood’s Ricky Baker role launched his career in 1991. Morris Chestnut’s wife? See her life below. 

Quick Facts 

Real NamePam Byse-Chestnut
Age49 years old (As of 2022)
Birthdate22nd December 1973
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight67 Kg
Measurements32-28-40 inches
HusbandMorris Chestnut
Net Worth$2 million

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Pam Byse: Bio & Wiki

On December 22, 1973, Pam Byse was born in Los Angeles. She is well known as Morris Chestnut’s wife. Her citizenship is American.

Pam is simple at work but mysterious at home. Unfortunately, her parents’ information is still unknown.

Los Angeles is where Byse graduated. Pam was reportedly gifted at school. Ironically, she hated school.

Pam attended Los Angeles high school after primary school.

Pam Byse: Husband – Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut has appeared in many films during the 1990s, including The Last Boy Scout, In the Line of Duty: Street War, The Best Man Holiday, Not Easily Broken, and Think Like A Man. In Rosewood, he played pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr., which made him famous worldwide.

The fan favorite actor was born in Cerritos, California, on January 1, 1969. He studied drama and finance at California State University after graduating from Richard Gahr High School in 1986. He took theatrical classes in high school but never considered performing.

Morris loves sports because he played basketball, baseball, and other sports as a kid before acting. After playing college and professional football, he still supports several teams.

Chestnut is almost identical to his cinematic persona. He said he sees himself in most of his characters. However, he noted Lance in The Best Man Holiday is close to him in terms of his priorities, family, wife, and sports enthusiasm.

How Did Pam And Morris Meet Each Other?

They met at an Atlanta club. The Firehouse actor stated that he met his future wife in the club with Deion Sanders, Ron Grant, and Tiny Lister. He said,

Tiny lived in Atlanta. He was acquainted with the city and resembled Mr. Atlanta. During our club time, he told me about this or that lady. The actor continued,

Then I spotted my wife Pam and asked, ‘What’s up with her?’ No, man, don’t waste your time. She plays nobody. When he said that, I thought, ‘That’s the woman I need to go shout at.’”

After repeated meetings, Morris considered marrying Pam after viewing her virtues. He said his better half Pam was so compassionate for her younger children and respectful of the seniors.

When they met, Chestnut was a fledgling actor, and his future wife Byse helped shape him.   

Byse Is The Mother Of Two Children

Pam Byse and Morris’ wonderful relationship spawned Grant and Paige Chestnut, born in 1997 and 1998, respectively. Grant attends the University of Colorado, while Paige graduated from Calabasas High School. Unlike their star father, the children avoid the spotlight and social media.

Morris gives his wife, mother, and gorgeous daughter flowers on Valentine’s Day. He is a great family man who prioritizes them. The four-person family lives in Georgia.

Is Morris Chestnut still married to Pam Byse? 

Pamela and Morris are married. Grant and Paige Chestnut are their children. Meet Morris Chestnut’s wife when? In an interview, the famous American actor said he saw his wife at a bar in Atlanta. After completing a TV movie, I went to the club and met Pam, my wife, and asked, What’s up? My pal answered, Nah, man, don’t bother. No one is ignored by her. After he said that, I thought, that’s the woman I need to yell at. He then requested a friend to introduce him. After dating, they married in 1995. Morris and Pam Byse married with family and friends in a private ceremony. 

Does Pam Byse Work in Movies Like Her Husband?

Morris Chestnut’s wife Pam not an actress. She has never appeared in film or TV. What does she do then?

Pam’s occupation is unknown because Byse has always kept her private life private. Pam, reports say, is a businesswoman. 

Pam Is On Instagram

Instagram user @pamelachestnut has 4134 followers and a growing community. Her Instagram account is about artfully curating moments from her life and family and friends.

Pam, @pamelachestnut’s creator, masterfully integrates her personal experiences into her writings. Her Instagram collage is both a digital diary and a tribute to her world’s bonds.

The tale evolves organically on @pamelachestnut’s feed, like a conversation with an old friend. From joyful family reunions to friendships, each article depicts a well-lived life.

Her digital community engagement goes beyond her following count to set @pamelachestnut apart. It’s not just a group of people browsing curated content; it’s a community of like-minded people that appreciate Pam’s sincerity.

As we explore @pamelachestnut’s Instagram, we see that it’s more than a virtual scrapbook—it’s a living witness to everyday beauty. Pam’s story makes the everyday remarkable, from honest snapshot laughing to milestone delight.

Pam Byse Net Worth 

Pam has an estimated $1 million net worth. The discovery that her spouse, the famed actor Morris, has a $6 million fortune surpasses hers, changing the family’s affluent story.

The couple’s lavish lifestyle is set in sunny California. Their home in the golden West Coast landscapes is both a refuge and a symbol of their success and wealth.

Pam’s reported net worth highlights her personal accomplishments.


Q. Morris Chestnut and Pam Byse—still married?

Morris Chestnut and Pam Byse are happily married. They married in 1995 and have 27 years together. Grant and Paige Chestnut are their children.

Q. Morris Chestnut met Pam Byse how?

They met in an Atlanta club. Morris pursued Pam despite friends’ concerns, seeing her as the lady he wanted. They married in 1995 after courting.

Q . Pam Byse works in what?

Pam Byse is a businesswoman, according to the article. She has not appeared in movies or TV shows like her spouse Morris Chestnut.

Q. How many kids do Morris Chestnut and Pam Byse have?

Morris Chestnut and Pam Byse have two children: 1997-born Grant and 1998-born Paige. Both children are private and not on social media.

Q. How much is Pam Byse worth in 2023?

Pam Byse apparently has $1 million in 2023. Her husband Morris Chestnut is worth $6 million.


The story concludes with a detailed look at Pam Byse, wife of Morris Chestnut, an accomplished actor. It illuminates her upbringing, family, and 27-year marriage to Morris. How they met, their children, and family dynamics are also shown.

Pam is presented as an important part of Morris Chestnut’s life, encouraging him during his early performing struggles and making the family happy despite her privacy. She posts family photos on Instagram to over 4,000 followers.

The FAQs section answers questions regarding their marriage, children, and Pam’s career. The article finishes with Pam Byse’s 2023 net worth and the couple’s California home. Overall, it depicts a successful and long-lasting marriage in entertainment.

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