SSSniperWolf Net Worth: Unveiling the Gaming Sensation’s Financial Success

Successful YouTuber Alia Shelesh is SSSniperWolf. SSSniperWolf has an enormous following and leads the gaming and entertainment sector with her captivating online presence and passion for gaming.

Born October 22, 1992, in the UK, SSSniperWolf became a US resident. Her 2013 YouTube channel launched her career. While filming Call of Duty gameplay videos, SSSniperWolf got famed for her wit and gaming skills.

To get followers, SSSniperWolf posted reaction videos, vlogs, and challenges. Her “Wolf Pack.” is loyal to her wit, excitement, and passion for gaming.

YouTuber SSSniperWolf has won several honors. Her captivating content draws millions of subscribers. Instagram and TikTok are her other social media platforms for sharing personal experiences and interacting with fans.

SSSniperWolf has attended gaming conventions and events to boost her gaming community influence aside from online. To reach new audiences, she has collaborated with YouTubers and celebrities.

Beyond her humorous videos, SSSniperWolf influences gaming. She inspires young women to work in gaming and content development as a renowned female content creator. She defies stereotypes and shows gaming talent and tenacity.

The incredible journey, captivating personality, and unmistakable influence of SSSniperWolf continue to influence gaming and online entertainment, capturing followers and inspiring future content creators.

SSSniperWolf Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023$16 Million
Net Worth in 2022$15 Million
Net Worth in 2021$14 Million
Net Worth in 2020$13 Million
Net Worth in 2019$12 Million

SSSniperwolf’s Net Worth

Lia Wolf, a British-American YouTuber, Sssniperwolf net worth is $16 million. SSSniperWolf, a top-earning YouTuber, provides gaming, reaction, DIY, commentary, and cosplay videos. Her YouTube channel has 33 million subscribers and 23 billion views. In one July 2020 week, Tubefilter claimed 200,000 new SSSniperWolf members and 125 million video views. 

It made her one of YouTube’s top 10 most-viewed personalities. Lia promotes dozens of brands, including EA, Disney, and Ubisoft, with 5.6 million Instagram and 1.1 million Twitter followers. In 2013, Wolf wrote, edited, and starred in “SSSniperWolf,” and in 2017, she hosted “Clickbait.”

SSSniperWolf secured a long-term G FUEL contract in September 2022.

SSSniperWolf Biography

Lia Wolf, a British-American YouTuber, commands $16 million. One of the highest-paid YouTube personalities, SSSniperWolf makes gaming, reaction, DIY, commentary, and cosplay videos. Over 33 million YouTube subscribers and 23 billion views. One July 2020 week on Tubefilter saw 200,000 new SSSniperWolf members and 125 million video views. 

Her views made her one of YouTube’s top 10 personalities. Over 5.6 million Instagram and 1.1 million Twitter followers, Lia endorses hundreds of brands, including EA, Disney, and Ubisoft. Wolf wrote, edited, and starred in “SSSniperWolf” in 2013 and hosted “Clickbait” in 2017.

Sept. 2022 saw SSSniperWolf secure a long-term G FUEL contract.

Real NameAlia Shelesh
Nick NameSSSniperWolf
Date of Birth22 October 1992
Age30 years old
Height160 cm
Weight52 kg (115 lbs)
BirthplaceLiverpool, United Kingdom
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourBlack
Zodiac SignLibra


SSSniperWolf (Alia Shelesh) is a successful gaming content developer and influencer. She uploaded gaming videos to YouTube in 2013. SSSniperWolf’s charm, wit, and skill made her popular.

Her content is largely gaming analysis, reactions, and vlogs. SSSniperWolf’s unique blend of humor, skill, and enjoyment delights millions worldwide. Her skill to play popular and specialized video games has earned her many fans.

SSSniperWolf now has millions of subscribers and billions of views. Due to her success, she has worked with other YouTubers and attended gaming conventions. SSSniperWolf now has Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube admirers.

Internet star SSSniperWolf is also an entrepreneur. She builds community by creating product lines and giving away stuff.

The career of SSSniperWolf displays her passion of gaming, dedication to entertaining her audience, and adaptability to digital media’s ever-changing scene. Due to her talent, hard work, and ability to engage with viewers, she is one of the most prominent and recognized online gaming characters.

Personal Life

Lia started dating Evan John Young (aka “Evan Sausage”) when he messaged her on YouTube and they started talking on the phone six to eight hours a day. Wolf produced a video in September 2016 explaining that she and Young had broken up but were living together as housemates.

Lia and Evan were detained in 2016 after Young changed his phone backdrop to a photo of another lady, sparking a loud altercation. Lia and Evan reconciled, but Wolf ended their relationship permanently in 2020. The couple bought a 2.25-acre Arizona land in August 2022.

Rise to fame and reaction videos

In 2016, she appeared on id Software’s Day of Doom. In 2017, she presented Clickbait, where social media influencers faced unique tasks. She appeared on FANtasies, an anthology.

Her output shifted from gaming to response videos in early 2017. By 2017, her channel had over five million followers, and she was one of Forbes’ ten “Top Influencers” in “Gaming”. In 2018, she appeared on Fear Factor and Ultimate Expedition.She was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in “Choice Gamer” and won the 2019 Kids’ Choice Sports “Favorite Esports Star” award. In 2019 and 2020, she received Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for “favorite gamer”.

Evan Young lawsuit and old content review

One of the highest-paid YouTubers, Shelesh had a US$16 million net worth on August 1, 2023. Evan Young sued Shelesh for breach of contract and financial misdeeds over Channel Red content on August 17. He said she didn’t pay him for Channel Red labor. Young said he curated and scripted her stuff for years.[6] Shelesh filed a request to dismiss on October 5, 2023, calling the claims “vindictive”. Attorneys stated that Young locked Shelesh out of many YouTube channels they maintained jointly, including SSSniperWolf and Little Lia, shortly after filing for divorce.

Later that month, Shelesh was criticized over an old YouTube video in which she appeared to act sexually explicit with youngsters on Omegle, a defunct platform that linked users with random individuals for video calls. Internet people worried about her content’s impact on children.

Conflict with jacksfilms

John Patrick Douglass, known as jacksfilms, accused Shelesh of marketing her reaction videos without attribution and calling her content simple and untransformative. He started parodying Shelesh’s videos on “JJJacksfilms” in 2022.She responded with various social media sexism and plagiarism accusations.

Shelesh suggested to her followers on October 13, 2023, that she visit Douglass, who lives close her studio, while filming near his house. She posted his house in a “let’s talk like adults” Instagram story, which was deleted, but followers took screenshots. Douglass accused Shelesh of doxing him, calling her “creepy, gross, violating” and asking YouTube to demonetize her.Douglass’ wife feared for their safety, so they considered moving.[39] Shelesh called Douglass a “creep” and that she “had no idea how to dox” him for “creating drama to pay their bills”.Pokimane, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber, supported Douglass when social media users compared Shelesh to him.Shelesh considered restraining Douglass, whom she termed “obsessed” with the topic.

YouTube tweeted “would it be too meta to do a reaction video to a reaction video” on October 18, which many took as a snide remark. A petition to remove SSSniperWolf from YouTube has 13,000 signatures by October 19. The next day, YouTube demonetized her channel and criticized both sides. Many YouTubers found the latter unjust.Shelesh tweeted that her acts were “inexcusable” and that she respected YouTube’s decision.Her “SSSniperWolf Top Videos” channel was demonetized when she kept uploading videos. Her channel has a non-monetized video on November 25.

SSSniperWolf Social Media Accounts

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Real Estate

Wolf and Young invested heavily in Henderson, Nevada’s housing market in 2019. Luxury living was their goal, so they bought a 4,999-square-foot mansion. This home has three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a stunning bar, a gourmet kitchen, and a tranquil infinity pool.

Wolf and Young shared laughs, moments, and their daily lives in Nevada. The pair left Henderson in February 2022 due to life’s changes. Their beloved property was sold for $4 million to another lucky homeowner, marking a fresh beginning.

In August 2022, a new tale began in Paradise Valley, Arizona, after Nevada closed. Lia and Evan joined the real estate market after being enticed to Mummy Mountain. Their dreams were painted on a 2.25-acre lot in nature. The roughly $7 million price reflected both the land’s value and future hopes.

The Arizona project began a new phase with ideas of architectural marvels, landscape wonders, and a place where their ambitions could run far. Mummy Mountain was the setting for Lia and Evan’s story of exploring possibilities and creating their own paradise in Arizona.

Wolf and Young’s journey from Henderson to Paradise Valley is more than a real estate transaction—it’s a narrative of development, transformation, and the search for a home where the heart belongs. Lia and Evan, who are about to write their own story on Mummy Mountain, hear the laughter and memories from their Nevada home.


Q. True name of SSSniperWolf?

Alia Shelesh is SSSniperWolf.

Q. SSSniperWolf joined YouTube when?

SSSniperWolf YouTube debuted in 2013.

Q. What videos does SSSniperWolf make?

After Call of Duty games, SSSniperWolf made reaction films, vlogs, challenges, and more.

Q. What is SSSniperWolf worth in 2023?

The 2023 SSSniperWolf was worth $16 million.

Q. Does SSSniperWolf face legal issues?

Evan Young, her ex-husband, sued SSSniperWolf for obsolete content.

Q. Where is SSSniperWolf?

SSSniperWolf moved to America from the UK.

Q. What other platforms does SSSniperWolf use?

In addition to YouTube, SSSniperWolf uses Instagram and TikTok.

Q. How has SSSniperWolf helped charity?

Social media influencer SSSniperWolf has donated to causes.


SSSniperWolf, born Alia Shelesh, has revolutionized gaming and entertainment with her captivating online content creation. Expanding her material and building a large following from Call of Duty games made her a $16 million YouTuber in 2023.

Lawsuits and content disputes have plagued SSSniperWolf. Her dedication to her craft has helped her overcome obstacles and attract audiences.

Lia and Evan hear her Nevada house’s laughing as she invests in real estate and starts a new chapter, reflecting growth, change, and the search for a heartfelt home.

SSSniperWolf demonstrated how skill, tenacity, and adaptation matter in digital media, inspiring aspiring content makers. SSSniperWolf adapts and engages with her loyal “Wolf Pack,” leaving a legacy in gaming.

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