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Taya Smith

Who is Taya Smith?

In the realm of vocal harmonies, Taya Smith stands as an illustrious Australian songstress, celebrated for her indispensable role as a key luminary within the esteemed Australian worship ensemble, Hillsong United.

Her eminence is most profoundly anchored in her pivotal contribution to the composition of the chart-topping opus “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail),” a melodic masterpiece that not only scaled the zenith of the American Billboard Christian Songs chart but also garnered a plethora of well-deserved laurels and accolades.

Taya’s ardent dedication to the divine realm burgeoned in her natal precinct of Lismore, where she actively immersed herself in the ecclesiastical musical corps and assiduously embraced the mantle of a youth mentor. This nascent foray distinctly sowed the seeds for her extraordinary odyssey.

In the annals of 2010, Taya’s quest for a vocation in secular melodies guided her to the bustling metropolis of Sydney, wherein she serendipitously discovered her spiritual haven within the confines of Hillsong Church’s City Campus. Herein, she altruistically dispensed her temporal and spiritual energies as a zealous volunteer for the youth and young adult ministries, alongside her indispensable role within the ecclesiastical institution’s innovative ensemble. Her unwavering commitment to these vocations not only underscores her melodic virtuosity but also underscores the profound ardor she possesses for the sanctified abode of the Almighty.


Taya Smith is a remarkably talented Australian gospel artist, actress, and a worship leader with the renowned Hillsong United. Before she ventured into the world of music, Taya dedicated herself as a youth group leader within her church community. Her journey to stardom was significantly catalyzed by her soul-stirring vocal contributions to the Hillsong United track, “Oceans.”

Taya stands as a mesmerizing worship leader whose voice has the power to touch the hearts of believers all over the world. Her vocal presence in songs like ‘Oceans’ and ‘A Million Suns’ from UNITED’s celebrated album, Zion, transcends boundaries and creates a deep emotional connection. With every note she sings, Taya exudes an unmistakable passion for worship, a sentiment that has been the driving force behind her journey from the very beginning.

Her path into worship leadership was nurtured in her hometown of Lismore. It was there that she first experienced the transformative power of worship within the loving embrace of the church. As an integral part of the worship team and as a youth leader, Taya discovered her profound love for guiding others on their faith journeys and igniting their spiritual connection.

In 2010, her journey led her to Sydney, driven by her pursuit of a career in secular music. She found her spiritual home within Hillsong Church’s City Campus, where she embraced roles that perfectly embodied her unwavering commitment to both worship and engaging with the youth.

Her involvement with the youth worship expression, Young & Free, marked a beautiful convergence of her passions. Taya contributed to their debut album and embarked on tours that spread their impactful message far and wide.

In February 2013, Taya’s journey took a new direction as she officially joined Hillsong’s creative team. Her responsibilities expanded across a diverse spectrum, from mentoring the city vocal team’s development to crafting creative elements for young adult events. Her presence became synonymous with key Hillsong events and tours with Young & Free and UNITED, solidifying her position as a driving force within the community.

Yet, at the core of it all, Taya finds her purpose in the concept of ‘home.’ When she’s not on the road, her dedication is evident in the smallest of actions, from nurturing individuals within the creative team to leading prayer meetings and anchoring worship during weekend services. Her words convey the essence of her dedication, as she says, “I am most passionate about worship – true, honest worship.”

Taya’s humility shines through when she talks about her journey. For her, worship is a conduit, a means to shift the focus from the self to the divine. Her mission is crystal clear: to guide people into a realm of worship that resonates more deeply than ever before, fostering a profound relationship with Jesus. With unwavering dedication, Taya embodies the essence of wholehearted worship, serving as a vessel through which she magnifies the divine and inspires others to do the same..

Taya Smith Wiki

Taya Smith is her given name, and she’s affectionately known as Taya Smith by those who admire her talent. She proudly holds Australian citizenship, and her roots are deeply embedded in the beautiful land down under. She considers Australia to be more than simply her home; it defines who she is.

You can read more about this extraordinary artist and her life in the section that follows.

Full nameTaya Smith-Gaukrodger
Date of birth10 May 1989
Age33 years (as of 2022)
Zodiac signTaurus
Place of birthLismore, New South Wales, Australia
Current residenceNew South Wales, Australia
Height in feet6’
Height in centimetres183
Weight in pounds159
Weight in kilograms72
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourBlue
FatherRonald Arthur
Marital statusMarried
HusbandBen Gaukrodger
ProfessionGospel singer, songwriter
Net worth$1.5 million


Taya Smith has been quite secretive when it comes to her educational journey. She hasn’t shared any details about the schools she attended or her educational background, keeping this aspect of her life well-guarded from the public eye.

Taya Smith Age

As of 2023, Taya Smith is 34 years old, her birthdate being on the 10th of May, 1989. Over the years, she has left an indelible mark as a Gospel singer from Australia and is best known as the lead vocalist for Hillsong, where her voice has touched countless hearts.

Personal Life

Taya Smith’s heart has found its home in Ben Gaukrodger, the love of her life. Their love story took a beautiful turn when they announced their engagement in 2017, and they sealed the deal with a heartfelt wedding in 2018. What made their union even more special was that their fellow bandmate, Jonathan Douglass, known as JD, officiated their private church ceremony.

Ben’s enthusiasm for Jesus Christ and the people who’ve crossed their paths resonates deeply with Taya. She considers marrying him one of the best decisions she’s ever made. In her eyes, Ben is nothing less than a miraculous gift from God. Taya expressed her gratitude and faith on her Instagram page, saying, “I highly recommend and appreciate Jesus and the individuals he has placed in our lives for such a time to show love, kindness, and support.”

As for whether they have children, Taya Smith has kept that aspect of her life private, and there’s no public information available. What is clear, though, is that they share a wonderful and prosperous life and marriage, cherishing the love and bond they’ve created together.

Taya Smith Parents

Hailing from the pristine landscapes of New South Wales, Australia, Taya Smith’s origins trace back to her birthplace, where she was nurtured and brought up by her guardians. Although concerted efforts have been made to unveil the enigma surrounding her familial background and the concealed identities of her progenitors, this realm of knowledge remains veiled in obscurity, inaccessible to the general populace. Furthermore, it remains an enigma whether Taya possesses any kindred spirits. The intricacies of this segment are presently undergoing scrutiny, and any forthcoming revelations will be disseminated at the earliest opportunity.


Many people are curious about Taya Smith’s ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, and race. However, as per available public resources like IMDb and Wikipedia, Taya Smith’s ethnicity remains undisclosed or not known. As for her religion and political views, it seems that this information is yet to be updated. We’ll have to revisit the article in a few days to see if any new details emerge regarding these aspects of Taya Smith’s life.


Taya Smith’s journey in the world of music and ministry took an unexpected turn when she relocated to Sydney. Her initial move to the city was motivated by secular musical aspirations, but fate had other plans for her. It was in Sydney that she crossed paths with Hillsong Church’s City Campus, and this encounter marked the beginning of a significant chapter in her life.

Taya enthusiastically embraced her role as a volunteer in the church’s creative team and actively participated in the youth and young adults departments. Although she had arrived in Sydney for a different purpose, it was here that she began nurturing her deep passion for Jesus Christ and various ministerial projects. Her journey in serving the youth department commenced as a member of the Hillsong church’s worship team, and over time, she ascended to the role of a youth leader.

As her faith continued to grow, Taya found herself flourishing in her worship ministry and developing a profound love for connecting with the younger generation. She took a pivotal step by joining Hillsong’s youth worship group, known as Hillsong Young & Free, and played a crucial part in the recording of their debut album, “We Are Young & Free.” This marked the beginning of her journey on the road, as she embarked on tours with the group, spreading their uplifting message.

Taya’s remarkable journey continued to ascend as she was appointed a member of the church’s creative team. In this role, she was entrusted with managing the vocal team and played a pivotal part in enhancing productivity during youth and young adult events. Her influence and dedication within the community grew, leading her to establish a standard in vocals for major Hillsong events and participate in tours with the celebrated Hillsong musical band, UNITED.

Throughout her career, Taya had the privilege of collaborating with well-known gospel musicians such as Jad Gillies, Dylan Thomas, Michael Guy Chislett, Jonathan “JD” Douglass, Matt Crocker, Joel Houston, and many more. Her commitment to sharing her knowledge and skills was evident whether she was teaching within the creative team, leading worship during weekend services, or organizing uplifting prayer meetings, all while balancing her busy travel schedule. Taya Smith’s journey is a testament to her unwavering passion for music, ministry, and her dedication to guiding and inspiring others.

The Success of Hillsong United

The journey of Hillsong United, the Australian worship band, has been quite remarkable. It all started when Hillsong Worship singer Darlene Zschech got a taste of some of their compositions and had a brilliant idea – they should record an album. This inspired the creation of their debut Extended Play (EP) titled “One.”

The response to their music was fantastic, so they continued to work on their debut album, “Everyday.” Both of these releases quickly garnered national attention and achieved the coveted gold status.

As the years rolled on, the band decided to rebrand themselves as Hillsong United, a transformation that marked a new chapter in their musical journey. They embarked on an annual tradition of releasing albums that further solidified their place in the worship music scene.

Many of their members also became actively involved in the services of Hillsong Church. However, over time, some band members made the decision to step down and pursue other interests or put down roots in different areas of their lives.

The current lineup of Hillsong United includes the likes of Taya, Dylan Thomas, Joel Houston, Jad Gillies, Matt Crocker, Jonathon Douglass, Simon Kobler, Peter James, Adam Crosariol, and Benjamin Tennikof. Together, they continue to create music that touches the souls of many.

In 2007, the band achieved international recognition with the release of their first full studio album, “All of the Above.” This breakthrough led them to embark on worldwide tours, taking their music to fans across the globe. They became an international sensation, and their success endured over the years.

Notably, their current logo made its debut during the album “To the Ends of the Earth,” a symbol of their ever-evolving journey. This logo was carefully designed by Munns, encapsulating the essence of their music and message.

Oceans and Recent Endeavors

In 2013, Taya stepped into the spotlight as the lead vocalist for Hillsong United’s single “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail),” a track that served as the poignant conclusion to their third studio album, “Zion.”

This song quickly rose to the top of the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart, becoming nothing short of a phenomenon. From 2014 to 2016, it held this esteemed place for an incredible 61 weeks in a row, and it remained in the top 10 until 2017. Not only a hit, “Oceans” became a phenomenon.

It is accurate to say that this song was the most influential Christian hymn of its day. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) awarded it a platinum certification, and it won the Song of the Year honor at the Dove Awards, further solidifying its status as a classic song. The popularity of “Oceans” not only improved the band’s standing but also propelled Taya to fame.

Hillsong United has seen tremendous success as a band, winning five Dove Awards and being recognized as the Top Christian Artist at the Billboard Music Awards. They’ve also garnered multiple nominations at the American Music Awards.

In 2018, they gifted the world with another hit song, “So Will I (100 BillionX),” this time led by Benjamin Hastings. This track found its home on their album “Wonder,” which stands as their latest studio release. Since then, they’ve continued to share their music with the world, gracing us with live albums and other Extended Plays, ensuring that their legacy endures.

Taya Smith Net Worth

In the year 2023, Taya Smith’s estimated wealth stands at approximately $1 million. This financial triumph can be attributed to her thriving vocation in the realm of gospel music.

Her collaboration with Hillsong United has proven to be not only spiritually enriching but also financially prolific. The band’s immense renown and triumph have undeniably contributed to the amplification of her affluence.

Taya’s way of life mirrors her financial prosperity. She indulges in the luxuries of an opulent existence, complete with a personal opulent vehicle and an expansive villa. Her frequent sojourns across the globe, as evidenced by her social media chronicles and narratives, allude to a life brimming with exploration and escapade.

It is imperative to observe that while her estimated wealth hovers in the million-dollar spectrum, the precise particulars of her assets and obligations continue to undergo scrutiny. Consequently, her authentic financial tableau may be even more formidable than the publicly disclosed dossier.

Taya Smith Husband

Taya Smith’s love story has had its share of twists and turns. She tied the knot with her husband, Ben Gaukrodger, in 2018. But before Ben, there was a chapter in her life involving a relationship with Aodhan King, a singer and songwriter from Hillsong Young and Free. Their paths eventually diverged, leading to the end of their romantic journey.

However, love had other plans for Taya. She encountered Ben, affectionately known as Ben Gee, within the welcoming walls of the church they both attended. As they got to know each other, their bond deepened, and it became clear that they were meant to be together.

The turning point in their relationship arrived during a beach trip when Taya realized that Ben was the one she wanted to spend her life with. In 2017, they took the significant step of getting engaged, and the following year, they exchanged vows in a private ceremony. Notably, one of Taya’s bandmates officiated the wedding, making it a truly special and intimate occasion.

Some glimpses of their beautiful wedding day were shared online, and Taya cherishes it as one of the greatest experiences in her life. To add to the magic, she was able to wear her dream wedding dress, making the day even more memorable and meaningful.


  • Taya Smith is an Australian gospel artist and worship leader.
  • She gained widespread recognition for her role in Hillsong United.
  • Taya Smith was born on May 10, 1989, in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.
  • She is married to Ben Gaukrodger, and they had a private church wedding officiated by a bandmate.
  • Taya’s extraordinary voice is featured prominently in the chart-topping song “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail).”
  • “Oceans” held the number one position on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart for an impressive 61 weeks.
  • The song received a platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
  • Taya’s dedication to worship began in her hometown, where she served as a youth leader in her church.
  • She started as a volunteer in Hillsong Church’s creative team before joining Hillsong United.
  • Taya Smith has an estimated net worth of around $1 million in 2023.


Taya Smith is a prominent Australian gospel artist and worship leader best known for her role in the renowned worship ensemble Hillsong United. Her remarkable voice and contribution to the hit song “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” catapulted her to fame, and the song’s enduring success earned her numerous accolades. Taya’s journey began in her hometown, where she served as a youth leader in her church. She later moved to Sydney, where she found her spiritual home at Hillsong Church’s City Campus. Her dedication to music and ministry has made her a beloved figure in the world of worship.


How old is Taya Smith in 2023?

Taya Smith is 34 years old as of 2023.

When did Taya Smith get married?

Taya Smith married Ben Gaukrodger in 2018.

What is Taya Smith’s most famous song?

Taya is best known for her role in the hit song “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United.

What is the significance of “Oceans” in Taya Smith’s career?

“Oceans” is the song that propelled Taya to fame, and it held the number one position on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart for an astonishing 61 weeks.

How did Taya Smith start her career in music?

Taya’s musical journey began when she volunteered in the creative team at Hillsong Church before joining Hillsong United.

What is Taya Smith’s estimated net worth?

Taya Smith’s estimated net worth is approximately $1 million in 2023.

Who officiated Taya Smith’s wedding?

A fellow bandmate officiated Taya Smith’s private church wedding to Ben Gaukrodger.

What is the name of Taya Smith’s husband?

Taya Smith is married to Ben Gaukrodger.

What is Taya Smith’s hometown?

Taya Smith hails from Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.

What awards did “Oceans” win?

“Oceans” received a platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and won the Song of the Year honor at the Dove Awards.

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