Henning May: Biography

Young German musician Henning May has immense promise. Henning Gemke became Henning May. His role as lead singer and frontman for Cologne-based pop rock band AnnenMayKantereit is well known. The band began in 2011, and he has been in it since. 

Who is Henning May

Rock musician Henning May is well-known. He was born in Cologne, Rhineland-Palatinate, on January 13, 1992. Furthermore, Henning is famous as, The lead singer of German rock band AnnenMayKantereit has a unique voice. Alles Nix Konkretes, the group’s 2016 album, topped German and Austrian charts.

Germany is the origin of Henning. He and his band supported Clueso on the Stadtrandlichter Tour.

Quick Facts 

Full nameHenning Gemke
NicknameHenning May 
Gender Male 
Date of birth 13th January 1992
Age 31 years old as of 2023
Zodiac sign Capricorn 
Nationality German 
Religion Christianity 
Height in feet6’ 1’’ 
Height in centimeters185 
Hair colour Dark brown 
Eye colour Brown 
Siblings One
Relationship statusSingle 
ProfessionGerman artist 
Net worth $3 million 

Biography Early years

After being born in Cologne on January 13, 1992, Henning May grew up with his older brother in Sylz, near the left bank of the Rhine.

After their divorce in the early 2000s, the Mai left their two sons with their school teacher father. Soon, the artist’s sibling left home to live independently with his fiancée. Henning never considered the fact that he grew up in an incomplete household; his father did everything to make him feel comfortable.

The elder Mai never had a personal life and spent all his time with his son. They went to football events and traveled, and Henning’s father taught him guitar chords, which became music his main pastime.

An interesting detail is that his father took him to Sting’s concert initially. In a few years, Henning will sing his renowned “Roxanne” in a style that will make even the most devoted fans realize that the song has a fresh and more fascinating tone.

Ethnicity, religion & political views

Many people are curious about Henning May’s ethnicity, country, ancestry, and race. Shall we investigate? According to IMDb and Wikipedia, Henning May’s ethnicity is unclear. This website provides the latest Henning May religious and political information. Please check the item after a few days.

Career Start

Henning wrote his first poetry aged 14 following a crazy fight with his father about a tattoo he wanted. The fight ended soon, but Henning had to pledge not to get a tattoo.

After graduating, Mai attended music school and met Christopher Annen and Severin Cantrait.

Rock ballads were recorded after the boys’ friendship, which began around love of rock and blues, blossomed. After graduating from college, they played unconventional arrangements and strong renditions of classic hits in Cologne’s streets and squares, drawing notice. Listeners were not unaffected by Henning’s rough, dismal, unpleasant voice, which did not match the young man’s age or appearance. 

Three school children revived Rio Reiser’s early 80s German pop-rock, which was lost forever after his death. Each performance draws more fans.

Many individuals have asked their band name and where to locate their records. Less than twenty, the men had no name or music. Using their surnames, they formed AnnenMayKantereit (AMK) with decisiveness and ambition of their age.

Annen May Kantereit’s initial releases 

Rock band released their debut self-recorded album in 2013. The release party was held in Building 9 in Cologne. After that, they mostly posted music on YouTube. A recording deal with Universal Music Group (UMG) launched the band’s career in 2015. At Berlin’s Hansa Studios, the band recorded their first EP, It Will Work Somehow. 

The EP was published by Vertigo Berlin in October 2015. AnnenMayKantereit broke through with Allex nix Konkretes. The album topped German charts and won triple gold. He guested on KIZ’s Hurra die Welt geht unter in 2015. Hit song reached number 31 on German charts. Vermissen, with German female rapper Juju, was released in 2019. 

Henning May Net Worth

His financial prowess makes him one of Germany’s most successful rock singers. We, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider estimate Henning May’s net worth at $5 million.

He and his two co-founders were street performers before founding AnnenMayKantereit. The other band members are Christopher Annen and Severin Kantereit.

Hanning May now

At the end of 2018, the Schlagschatten album was released, and the musicians began their first large-scale tour of the cities of Germany and European countries. Henning’s life is inseparable from AnnenMayKantereit, he gladly gives interviews, and it seems that the crazy popularity and adoration of fans only amuses him. 

However, the reaction to the work of the group from some famous people makes Henning blush. So, for example, Sean Penn, who has recently taken up literary activity, presented his book “Bob Honey, who just does everything” in 2018. 

The hero of the novel, on whose behalf the story is being told, is driving a car along the roads of America and listening to the song “Sometimes I Like To Lie”. Speaking about the book on the Stephen Colbert show, the actor also spoke about AnnenMayKantereit, which he called “a great German band.”


Certainly, some longer Henning May FAQs:

1. Who is Henning May and his background? 

The German pop-rock band AnnenMayKantereit’s main singer, Henning May (born Henning Gemke), is famous. He was born in Cologne, Germany, on January 13, 1992. His band has succeeded thanks to Henning May’s unique voice and melodies.

2. What is Henning May’s zodiac sign and age? 

As of 2023, Henning May is 31 and a Capricorn.

3. How does Henning May look? 

Henning May is about 6’1″. His hair and eyes are dark brown.

4. What is Henning May’s childhood and family?

Henning May grew raised in Cologne with his older brother in Sylz, on the left bank of the Rhine. His parents divorced early on, and his schoolteacher father reared both sons. Henning’s father supported and cared despite the family’s dysfunction. Henning’s father, who loved him, took him to football games and taught him guitar. This early music exposure shaped Henning’s career.

5. What was Henning May’s relationship with music?

Henning May’s life revolved around music. He met Christopher Annen and Severin Cantrait at a music school after graduating. They collaborated on their first tracks and performed in Cologne’s streets and squares due to their passion for rock and blues. Henning’s deep, gruff voice charmed listeners and gained an ardent following.

6. How was Henning May’s band AnnenMayKantereit named? 

Henning May, Christopher Annen, and Severin Kantereit founded AnnenMayKantereit. In their early days, the band was asked about their name and where to get their music. Determined and ambitious, they combined their surnames to form “AnnenMayKantereit,” or AMK. Their unusual melody became known by this term.


In conclusion, Henning May (Henning Gemke) is a skilled German musician and AnnenMayKantereit frontman. Born in 1992 in Cologne, Germany, his distinctive voice and mesmerizing performances have made him a music industry star. Henning May’s rise from teenage musician to rock singer was driven by creativity, teamwork, and persistence.

The band AnnenMayKantereit’s album “Alles Nix Konkretes.” topped the charts. They joined Universal Music Group and cooperated with other artists, establishing their music career.

Henning May is one of Germany’s richest rock singers, valued at $5 million. While his personal life and relationships are private, he is passionate about his music profession.

Henning May’s ascension from Cologne’s youth to rock stardom shows his passion for music and his influence on German music. His voice and AnnenMayKantereit contributions have garnered praise from fans and celebrities like Sean Penn.

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