The story  of James Daniel Sundquist, Son of Jimi Hendrix

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James Daniel Sundquist, also known as Nicole, shares a complex life mirroring his legendary father, Jimi Hendrix. Born on October 5, 1969, in Stockholm, Sweden, to Jimi Hendrix and Eva Sundquist, James Daniel navigates a world shaped by the absence of his father, yet captivated by Jimi’s legendary status.

Jimi Hendrix, an electric guitar icon, left an enduring mark during his brief four-year mainstream career. For James Daniel, the legacy is observed from a distance. He doesn’t play instruments like his father but appreciates music without fervently following the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

James Daniel’s parents met spontaneously on a tram in Stockholm, leading to a lasting relationship that resulted in the birth of their son. Tragically, Jimi Hendrix’s plans to reunite with James Daniel in 1970 were never realized, as his life was abruptly cut short.

James Daniel, Changes His Name to Nicole

James Daniel, Changes His Name to Nicole

This transition went beyond gender identity, symbolizing self-affirmation in a society that often stigmatizes such changes, particularly in his home country, Sweden. Nicole’s story highlights the complexities of self-identity and acceptance, challenging societal norms.

However, Nicole’s path was not without challenges. Eva Sundquist, Nicole’s mother, shared insights into the difficulties her child faced:

“It is very difficult for him. Most of Europe is very liberal. But here in Sweden, such behavior is still a taboo subject. He has been pretty depressed lately.”

Despite the fame associated with being the child of a global music icon, Nicole, who now prefers this name, maintains a private stance on her profession and net worth. While estimates place Hendrix’s estate at $80 million, Nicole’s personal wealth remains undisclosed.

As the heir to both genetic and material legacies, Nicole’s journey for recognition, both legally and personally, unfolds against the backdrop of Jimi Hendrix’s towering legacy:

“I’m not angry with Al. I just feel I’ve been treated unfairly. I want people to know that I am not a fake.”

Jimi Hendrix’s profile summary 

Full nameJames Daniel Sundquist
Date of birth5 October 1969
Age54 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac signLibra
Place of birthStockholm, Sweden
Current residenceStockholm, Sweden
Height in feet5’11”
Height in centimetres180
Weight in pounds165
Weight in kilograms75
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
FatherJames Marshall Hendrix
MotherEva Sundquist
Siblings1 (Tamika Hendrix)
Relationship statusSingle
Net worth$1 million

Who is Jimi Hendrix’s son? 

Who is Jimi Hendrix's son? 

James, born on October 5, 1969, hails from Stockholm, Sweden. As a Swedish national of mixed heritage, he embraces both African-American roots from his father and white-Swedish heritage from his mother. Reports suggest he has an older half-sister, Tamika Hendrix, from his father’s previous relationship. At the age of 32, James initiated a change in gender identity, adopting the name Nicole Hendrix. While his mother confirmed this transformation, James has neither confirmed nor denied the circulating rumors about this shift in identity.

James Daniel Sundquist’s mother

James Daniel Sundquist’s mother

James Daniel’s father, Jimi Hendrix, encountered his future mother, Eva Sundquist, a Swedish woman, in 1968. The serendipitous meeting took place during Jimi’s band tour in Stockholm, Sweden, where Eva resided. Their initial connection occurred while sharing a tram ride, marking the commencement of their romantic journey. Despite the conclusion of Jimi’s tour and his departure, the couple maintained contact, laying the foundation for their enduring relationship.

James Daniel Sundquist’s Father Death

James Daniel Sundquist’s Father Death

On September 18, 1970, Jimi Hendrix was with his girlfriend, Monika Danneman, in London. They had supper at her apartment, and later, she drove him to a friend’s house before returning to her flat around 3 a.m. They conversed until 7 a.m. When Monika awoke at 11 a.m., she found Hendrix unconscious. An ambulance was called, but he was declared dead at St Mary Abbot’s Hospital at 12:45 p.m.

Dannemann claimed Hendrix may have taken 9 Vesparax sleeping pills. Contradictions in her accounts were noted by the police and Hendrix’s ex-girlfriend, Kathy. The autopsy reported Hendrix’s death resulted from aspirating his own vomit, succumbing to asphyxia while intoxicated with barbiturates.

At 32, Hendrix’s son, James Daniel, began transitioning, expressing a desire to be a woman. Despite facing challenges in Sweden, where it’s considered taboo, he consulted with a doctor and adopted the name Nicole.

Professioanl Career

Professioanl Career

Daniel appears to lead a private life, keeping details about his profession under wraps. However, during his college years, there are reports suggesting that he ventured into the tech industry by starting a tech company. Notably, Daniel engaged in a legal dispute against his paternal grandfather, Al Hendrix, concerning the musician’s estate, valued at over $30 million. Unfortunately, Daniel faced defeat in the 1994 lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. The legal battle’s outcome was influenced by the absence of a paternity test confirming him as the musician’s son. This was despite a Swedish court’s earlier ruling in 1975, asserting that James Daniel Sundquist was indeed the son of the Angel singer, even in the absence of a paternity test. Ultimately, the musician’s estate went to his father, Al Hendrix, marking the conclusion of James Daniel Sundquist’s involvement in the inheritance dispute.

James Daniel Sundquist’s net worth

James Daniel Sundquist’s net worth

There is limited information on James Daniel’s net worth as he has not publicly disclosed details about his earnings. He remains private about his financial matters. Notably, his father, Jimi Hendrix, had an estate valued at $80 million in 1994, according to Celebrity Net Worth. While Jimi Hendrix has a Wikipedia page, James Daniel Sundquist does not currently have one.

James Daniel Sundquist Personal Life 

The accomplished songwriter, James Daniel Sundquist, has consciously kept his romantic life veiled from the public eye. There are no accessible records providing insights into his present or past marital status, relationships, or any information regarding children. Sundquist’s personal life seems to be intricately guarded, with a deliberate choice to refrain from publicly sharing details about his dating history. This intentional privacy introduces an element of mystery to James Daniel Sundquist’s personal matters, sparking curiosity among fans and the public about the intriguing aspects of his romantic journey.

People Also Ask 

1. Who is James Daniel Sundquist?

James Daniel Sundquist is the son of the legendary musician Jimi Hendrix, born on October 5, 1969, in Stockholm, Sweden.

2. Why did James Daniel change his name to Nicole?

James Daniel initiated a gender identity transition at the age of 32, adopting the name Nicole as part of this transformation.

3. What challenges did Nicole face during the transition?

Nicole faced challenges, particularly in Sweden, where societal norms around gender identity remained conservative. Eva Sundquist, Nicole’s mother, mentioned the difficulty and depression Nicole experienced.

4. What is the estimated net worth of James Daniel Sundquist?

There is no publicly disclosed information about James Daniel Sundquist’s net worth. His father, Jimi Hendrix, had an estate valued at $80 million in 1994.

5. Is James Daniel Sundquist married?

James Daniel Sundquist has kept his romantic life private, with no available records on his current or past marital status, relationships, or children.


James Daniel Sundquist’s life is marked by the absence of his iconic father, Jimi Hendrix, yet entangled with the legendary status Jimi left behind. The complexities of identity, from the transition to Nicole to the legal battles over Jimi’s estate, showcase the intricate layers of James Daniel’s journey. His deliberate choice to maintain privacy regarding personal matters adds an air of mystery, leaving fans and the public intrigued about the enigmatic aspects of his life. The legacy of Jimi Hendrix, both genetically and materially, casts a significant backdrop against which James Daniel Sundquist continues to navigate his unique path.

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